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Lucky Star

Mar 17, 2013

Critic's Log - Earthdate: March 17, 2013. Review #41: Lucky Star

*I Breathe in and sigh heavily* I was afraid this day would come... Let's get this over with... Here's... *Sigh*  Lucky Star...



Lucky Star is about the lives of several school girls attending a Japanese high school. The main heroine is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club, and her grades remain low. Her laziness at school is due to her enthusiasm for anime and video games, and she is not interested in anything else much.



... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Yeah, that's the plot *Sigh* We're screwed.



To be technical, this is a Kyoto Animation production and they were known for their high production values especially with a popular anime such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. For Lucky Star being a comedy, the art style is intentional and I can honestly say that the character designs do look good. The character designs are both colorful and cute. I know it's odd that I'm saying this but it's true. It is kinda odd that these high school students look like middle school students. The animation is nice but not perfect.



The music by Satoru Kousaki is kind of forgettable and that's all I can say about this topic.




When it comes to voice acting, the Japanese cast is terrific and really makes the voices sound fitting. Aya Hirano is terrific as Konata, Emiri Kato is great as Kagami, Kaori Fukuhara is also great as Tsukasa, and Aya Endo is also great as Miyuki. The standout extras in the subbed version include Fumihiko Tachiki which he got to have 62 minor roles in this show. Damn, why so many!? Jouji Nakata, Minoru Shiraishi as Minoru Shiraishi, Tomokazu Seki as Meito Anisawa and Hiromi Konno as Akira Kogami. On the English Dub side, Wendee Lee was chosen to play Konata because of the fact that Aya Hirano plays both Haruhi Suzumiya and Konata Izumi and Wendee Lee does play the nerdy girl type extremely well but I think Hirano-san perfected the role. Wendee Lee is great as Konata. Kari Wahlgren is terrific as Kagami, Karen Strassman is great as Miyuki, and Michelle Ruff is pretty good as Tsukasa. The standout extras in the dub include Kate Higgens as Miss Kuroi, Stephanie Sheh as Akira Kogami, Lex Lang as Meito Anisawa, Derek Stephen Prince and Richard Epcar for both having more than 25 roles in the same show...Damn! To be honest, if you want to have a more fitting version in cultural settings, go with the subs on this one.




When it comes to characters, the characters are very memorable but don't expect character development for any of these characters but since this anime has the spirit of a sitcom. Sitcoms don't specialize in character development so I wasn't expecting this much on Lucky Star. I hope my analogy of Lucky Star and sitcoms made sense. Yutaka Yamamoto did not direct the show that long because he only directed the first 4 episodes. Yasuhiro Takemoto directed the rest of the show at that point. the writing and directing is okay for the show.



When it comes to plot...te he he... what plot? ha ha ha, THERE'S NO DAMN PLOT TO THIS SHOW! IT'S JUST A BUNCH OF HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS TALKING ABOUT CERTAIN TOPICS! Again, sitcoms have this kind of formula but there are times when an episode is boring as hell. The first episode may have been a cute starter but it was hardly funny. Gee, NICE FIRST IMPRESSION STAFF! NICE FIRST IMPRESSION! To be honest, the approach is giving the show a familiar environment for the viewer that is very common in schools. High school students just talking about random shit, that's pretty damn basic. The show does have an aimless plot for having no plot at all whatsoever. This can be Lucky Star's biggest turn-off factors in the show. The thing is... We all have our own groups and have our own conversations, we kinda see what Lucky Star was trying to invoke with that similar approach, but I had a hard time liking Lucky Star because of its slow pacing and dialogue. Another turn-off factor could be that IT'S MOSTLY INVOLVES PEOPLE TALKING. Also, the "Lucky Channel" segments are ok but I found some of the segments a little pointless. Putting all that ranting aside, some of the jokes aren't bad and Lucky Star has a cutesy appeal. Is this show really all that bad? That would all depend on what you're interested in I guess. Is Lucky Star worth seeing? In all honesty... Yes! I am under the assumption that this is a show that is giving Anime fans a tribute because of their enthusiasm towards Anime. Could Lucky Star be a little shorter than what it is? I guess. Is Lucky Star overrated? That's for you to decide. I personally felt that Lucky Star to me was kind of a test on patience, there were times when I was bored while watching it and I'm not the only one that said it was a boring show. Some people even say it's overrated... Well, NO SHIT! I have seen shows that were funnier than this half-funny and half-boring show. I am better off watching The Blues Brothers after watching Lucky Star, I am better off playing video games like Zelda, Mario, and Final Fantasy. I'm better off watching Hetalia more than once instead of watching Lucky Star more than once. AANNNNDD! I AM BETTER OFF WATCHING MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC COUNTLESS TIMES WITHOUT GETTING BORED THAN WATCHING LUCKY STAR COUNTLESS TIMES AND GETTING BORED!!! I'M THE FULLMETAL COWBOY AND I'M GOING OUT TO THE CHINESE RESTAURANT NEAR WHERE I LIVE THAT IS ALSO CALLED "LUCKY STAR" SO I CAN FORGET THAT I WATCHED THE ENTIRETY OF LUCKY STAR! I GOT MORE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN RE-WATCH THIS!!!


Whew, I also need to take my medication. My apologies. Allow me to re-phrase that. Lucky Star does deserve to been seen. If you want to watch the whole thing, be my guest. This is an anime that I think should be seen but has that "Once is enough" watch value, whether it's an episode, or the entire show.


Lucky Star was available by Bandai Entertainment, it is out of print. The manga by Kagami Yoshimizu was also available by Bandai Entertainment and is also out of print. There has not been an American release to any Lucky Star video game to this day. The light novel series also never came stateside. A manga called "Lucky Star Pocket Travelers" never was released stateside. A spinoff called "Miyakawa-ke no Kūfuku" has not been released in the U.S. A spinoff light novel series called "Yuruyuru Days" has not been released in the U.S. either. A Lucky Star OVA however was released stateside, but unfortunately...It was licensed by Bandai Entertainment, meaning...that too is out of print.


With all that said, Lucky Star is an anime that might not hold up to everyone's expectations. It does have cutesy character designs, it does have some funny moments, and some memorable characters. It does have an aimless plot (which I'll give the staff a pass for this) but the music is forgettable and is often boring at times or maybe an entire episode. The animation however isn't really all that terrible.


I give Lucky Star a 5.9 out of 10, it is SO and SO!


Feel free to comment below, now if you'll excuse me... I got some fun stuff to do, and that information is all classified. Actually, it isn't. Bye-nee!





?/10 story
9/10 animation
3.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
5.9/10 overall
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