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Princess Tutu

Jan 31, 2013

Critic's Log - Earthdate: January 31, 2013. Review #33: Princess Tutu

For some time now, I have aspired to become a writer and with my busy scheduling besides writing reviews, I've put writing on hold for the time being until I find the right time to sit down and just write. I've always wanted to write something that is close to my heart. I have some friends that write fanfics and I've been encouraged to write a fanfic as a way of training I guess. I think writing a fanfic won't be too much of a hassle. I think I'll wait for the right moment. I do have a review just for the occasion. Here is Princess Tutu!

To all that love stories, Come! Gather 'round! He he he he he he he!


A 13-year-old ballet student named Duck is clumsy, good-hearted and sweet... and has a big secret. The mysterious enigmatic Drosselmayer morphed a young duck into a girl to give her a mission: To help a Prince get the parts of his heart back. With that in mind, she morphs into Princess Tutu, whose magical dances ease the pain and purifies the bad feelings within the Prince.

um... just go with it. To be technical, this is a Hal Film Maker production and the animation is nice but not the best out there. It does come by nicely though. It's actually good for the most part. The only annoyances is a scene that's recycled everytime Duck transforms into Princess Tutu and it's only for 15 seconds and still images in certain scenes that could've been animated. I'm not complaining about all of this too much and it's not something worth complaining about. I'll say it again, the animation comes by nicely. It's just not perfect and this is an example that it doesn't have to be perfect.

The music by Kaoru Wada *Record Scratch* Wait! That Kaoru Wada!? The guy that composed InuYasha!? He's involved in Princess Tutu!? Yeah, I bet you didn't know that, but why am I mentioning this because the 98% of the music is borrowed from classical music from hundreds of years ago. The opening is calm and soothing, and the closing is nice for what it is. The music is nice for the show and I've always had good taste for classical music and it compliments the ballet moments just fine.

When it comes to voice acting, The Japanese cast is great and has a solid cast. Nanae Katou is pretty good as Duck, Nana Mizuki is great as Rue, Naoki Yanagi is alright as Mytho (pronouced "Myu-toe"), Takahiro Sakurai is also great as Fakir. Noboru Mitani had a solid performance as Drosselmeyer even though he never did many roles himself. I already mentioned that the Subbed version has a solid cast. Now I'll go onto the dub. When I first saw that the dub was by ADV Films, I was not expecting too much out of this since ADV tends to make dubs a bit hit and miss. I decided to give the dub a chance and I am damn surprised to find that the dub is actually very good in ADV Films' standards. Jin Ho Chung really deserves some credit for making a good ADV dub on this one. Luci Christian plays a believable Duck, She even gives Duck a cutesy voice which suits both Duck's name and personality. Jessica Boone is great as Rue, Chris Patton is terrific as Fakir, Marty Fleck is also terrific as Drosselmeyer. The only voice I didn't really care for too much was Jay Hickman as Mytho, I think it was because he was a little underacted and he doesn't sound too believable in the dub but that's just a minor nitpick, nothing more. For minor roles, the dub has Greg Ayres, Hilary Haag, John Swasey, Monica Rial, Tiffany Grant, and of course Vic Mignogna (Dear Fangirls, No Screaming please, I don't want to remind you to be quiet) and speaking of Mr. Mignogna, his role is downright fun to watch. He plays an overdramatic guy (also a dancer) and he even has a French accent for the character. Thank God he didn't play France in Hetalia. To make a long story short, you can't go wrong with either version.

When it comes to characters, Duck is an unlikely protagonist but as the story progresses, her character becomes more attachable to the viewer. I always liked Duck in this show. Mytho is alright and he serves as an important character to the plot. Rue was a fascinating character to watch as time goes by and Fakir is a bit of a jerk at first but I liked how his character changes. Drosselmeyer is a bit of an odd duck... OH MY GOD, DID I REALLY FIND USING THIS PUN THAT NECESSARY!? On second thought, Drosselmeyer was a bit fascinating to watch at times. Maybe it's that he appears in such a weird way. To my surprise, he was fun to watch. Uzura adds to the charm of the characters zura, as long as you can handle her saying "Zura" at the end of every damn sentence zura. DAMN IT! ANOTHER PUN RELATED TO THE SHOW!!! Why do I keep doing that!? NEVERMIND! If there's one character I get annoyed to death is Mr. Cat, the ballet teacher. I will admit, the marriage gag was out of nowhere at first and it was actually pretty funny. When it was used more than four times, that's when it got really annoying. It's not funny anymore after a while and you really have no idea how *QUACK!*ing annoy... ah *QUACK!* me and these stupid puns. What I'm trying to say is that you have no idea how annoying this *RAWR* can be. Uh... I was referring to a cat, not a woman's *Quack! Quack! Quack!* *Hard Sigh* Let's keep moving on. Most of the characters are great.

When it comes to story, this'll be difficult to explain. The story has the spirit of a fairy tale, it has a graceful story, the presentation and approach in narration to this story is really bizarre but unique. I don't know how to explain all this, you'll just have to see for yourself. The story isn't terrible by any means though. What's interesting is that fights are resolved through dancing. Which I don't see many animes do this very often and that's what makes Princess Tutu a unique series. The direction by Junichi Sato and Shougo Kawamoto really make Princess Tutu a unique anime. I think I've said pretty much about everything about Princess Tutu. It's a great magical girl anime.

Princess Tutu was available by ADV Films, it was out of print for a time until it was later picked up by Section23 Films. The manga by Mizuo Shinonome was available by ADV manga and it is out of print.

With all that said, Princess Tutu has some charms like a great cast of characters, classical music, solid effort animation, and a bizarre, yet unique presentation of a story that has the spirit of a fairy tale. This truly is a unique series that shouldn't be missed if you are into the magical girl genre. This is also a series that I think some guys should consider checking out too.

I give Princess Tutu a 9.4 out of 10, it is EXCELLENT!

Feel free to comment below and feel free to dance!

9.3/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.4/10 characters
9.4/10 overall
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sunshinechild67 Feb 20, 2013

I watching this right now and it is definitely unique. I like the ballet and classical music aspect, I think it sets it apart from other magical girl/shoujo-ish series and is really well-done. It's honestly more like a fairy tale than a typical anime from what I've seen. BTW I love the pictures you chose for Duck, they sum up her well :)