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Yokujou Climax

Jun 13, 2012

I didn't read much of this manga because i got pissed off after reading 5-10 chapters.The reason i don't like the story is because all thats happening in this manga is Mio Mmori getting raped by the rich kid and the gardener!The characters are ok apart from what i just wrote and the art is average.I don't recommend this manga to any one apart from the people that like reading mangas where girls get raped.

1/10 story
6/10 art
4/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Liby88 Mar 20, 2015

What are you talking about she didn't get raped, it was harassment unless you think sex is when people grab your boobs. Moreover you shouldn't rate a manga just by some scenes you personally didn't like. I mean for example homosexuals are not a turn-on for me so should I rate all yaoi/yuri mangas with a 2/10?

malinica Jun 13, 2012

I understand your point of view, respect it, even agree with it in some level, but my opinion is that u shouldn't give, in any review, such a bad overall score just because u don't like couple of scenes in the story. U should be more objective. I think that the story and the characters had potential, and the art was not as half as bad (I've seen much worse). Besides, she is not realy raped in any part of the story, since there is no unconsentual sexual intercourse, "just" heavy sexual molesting. I read the whole manga and it is somehow tolerant by some point, but I was more pissed by the reaction of the girl! I mean, girl is a virgin, with no expirience with guys (he even steals her her first kiss in the first chapter!!!), and in some point in the story she've been violeted, treated as a prostitute, even as a pet couple of times, all by the same guy, and she don't do anything about it because... Well, that part is not quite well coverd with the story. :/

So, that why I do agree with the point that they went overboard with the violating thing, but just because it really did not have any sense with the storyline and behavior of the characters. Story would be much better if there was less (or not at all!) of those scenes.