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Im new to anime, I only started about a year ago (my brother is giving me anime to watch) I'm always open to any anime suggestions you have.XD

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Yukito Aug 31, 2009

Hey! if you like any kind of anime you will really enjoy bleach it is one of the most popular anime ever !!!

HikaruTenshi Aug 28, 2009

Nice name too. ^^


Conjure Jul 26, 2009

Heya, welcome back from camp! Hope u had some fun! 

HawaiianLoveGirl22 Jul 14, 2009

hmmmm comedies...hmmm...

Lucky Star

Ouran High School Host Club

The Wallflower

Fruits Basket

Special A

hmmm thats all i can think of. If you wanna give those a try then that'd be cool. if you dont, thats fine also. if you dont like them, i apologize =) lol. They are mostly comedies that take place in highschool. =) but they are pretty good in my opinion!

HawaiianLoveGirl22 Jul 10, 2009

hello! hmmm, well your brother i guess had asked me to advise you to watch Jigoku Shoujo, also known as Hell Girl =P The anime is kinda repetitive but after episode 7ish, thats kinda where the plot begins to form =P

I also think Death Note is a pretty good anime if you want to try that one also =P