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Angel Beats!

Sep 11, 2011

Alright so I just finished watching this anime and I decided it was well worth the effort to write my opinion of it for others who might be interested in it.  At first I really didn't know what to think I honestly only started watching this because it was on someones top ten best anime lists and it happened to be on netflix.  So I said what the hell and gave it a try even though from the cover it didn't really seem like anything special.  Well I started watching it and it only took me 3 days to finish the series(for me that's not much time).  I immediately loved the music, animation, and the basis of the story.



I'll try not to include any spoilers.  The basis of the story is the main character wakes up and this girl tells him he's dead and that this is the afterlife.  Oh yea, and they're in the middle of a war against this girl named Angel and he's going to have to fight to not be obliterated.  You can imagine this would seem unreal to him especially since he is suffering from amnesia and only remembers his last name Otonashi.  This struck me as kinda odd but then again most animes are so I was like ok and it got me kind of interested.  The story just grows from one episode to the next as you meet all the different characters and learn about their troubled past life.  The most interesting of them all is Otonashi, throughout the series he gains back his lost memories and remembers his past life and why he is here with all these other people.  I will say that almost everything about Otonashi at least took me by complete surpise and the story would blow my mind over and over again.  This doesn't happen often and I love it when it does.  I could not have written a better story than what was in this anime, It was extremely clever and extremely emotional consistently throughtout the series.  That's why this gets a 10/10 for story.



You can tell from the first five seconds of the opening song that the animation is top notch even by modern standards.  The movements are smooth and there is an amazing amount of detail put into the animation of the landscape and especially the characters.  Then soon after you get to experience how the action is animated, even with the swift movements and fast pace it is still of the same calibar.  They do a great job in using lighting and shading to portray the moods of scenes and characters.  I think that this animation was perfect for the show so it gets a 10/10.



The first thing that came through my tv is the piano opening and main theme of Angel Beats and it immediately got me in a good mood, I think that opening theme is one of the best out of all the anime I've seen.  Not only that but the characters voices definitely matched their personality in my opinion.  The soundtrack to this show would be something that I would listen to just for the hell of it that's how good it is.  The music was befitting for the show and helped portray the mood in many scenes so sound gets a 10/10.



The characters were the only thing that I thought could have been done better.  The reason being there were several main characters and only a select few that they talked about their former lives and background.  I don't think it would have been that much harder to write in the script why all these other people were stuck in this world in the first place.  I was espeically interested in TK the dancer which nothing ended up happening with him.  They did such a good job with all the other stories that I wanted more which is a good thing it's just I think they could have satisfied that and didn't.  Other than that I really have no complaints there are some generic characters and then there are some crazy out of the box characters that catch your eye.  The character development works along with the story and leads to what I consider one of the best endings ever.



I decided to give this anime the perfect score because it did what very few animes have.  It brought out an emotional response from me.  I don't usually laugh out loud at my tv while I'm watching something but there were several points in almost every episode that had me doubled over laughing.  Then there were serious times when they built the story and revealed something that really surprised me and had me literally crying.  The only animes that have made me cry have been over hundreds of episodes and had crazy amounts of time to build characters and set everything up.  This anime did it in 13 episodes and not only that but it caused all this multiple times throughout those episodes.  This show left me with goosebumps and I honestly don't know what to do now.  I feel like it would suck to start another series because I know there is no way that it's as good as this one.  That tells me that this is one of the top 3 if not the downright best anime I have ever seen.  So I definitely recommend watching it, it's worth your time.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Raux Sep 18, 2011

Frosty 92. Good review. It's nice to hear a fellow netflix watcher who stumbled across it the same way i did. I'm glad you mentioned the intro music! FREAK! i was sold on this show in the first 30 seconds because of that intro! A little sad that the official review gave it only 6.5 I do not agree on it's unoriginality....i mean, i have seen anime's about high-school....But nothing comes close to a high-school that is a manifestation of the afterworld..... maybe i'm an idiot. but i think they were too harsh. also, the characters. I agree about TK. it would have been nice to have more closure with him. Also Matsushita, the Juto guy, he was cool too.

I do have a question though. wouldn't your critique on the show, be more directed to the story line? because the way i think of it. all the characters themselves were great. they were solid, and had their own personalities, i enjoyed them all...except for one. (i'll talk more on that if you contact me after this.) I would blame the lack of knowledge on the other characters, on the story aspect of this review. I think that would be under the story aspect. we both loved T.K. and the others, it was just the story itself that didn't give us all the information we wanted. Note - you are entitled to your own opinion. that's what reviewing is for. if i over stepped my bounds. let me know. I respect that you posted this, and i love that you said many things that i would have said in a review about it. I feel that since you gave a review so close to what i would write. i don't have to give one! My numbers would be a little lower, i would give this probably about a 9, because i never give tens.

Thankyou frosty92, it was a good review! I would personally recommend clannad if you haven't seen it. It is my absolute favorite...of all time. (for the moment) It's really similar to Angel Beats, longer as well and it's on netflix. Check it out and let me know what you think, or if you have already seen it, don't check it out, and let me know what you thought about it.