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Ergo Proxy

May 5, 2011

I have to say of all the anime I have seen, this is by far the worst.  Don't get me wrong, it started out wonderfully the first few episodes had me hooked and seemed like it was bound to be amazing.  I was wrong.  This is a clear example of an anime that had the potential to be one of the best and somewhere it all went wrong.  Please read the review before watching the show.


Story (3/10) - This starts outs great with a "utopian" society of sorts.  Humans live alongside androids known as autoraves.  The story starts with Re-l who hunts down criminals, some stuff happens and she ends up in the outside world trying to survive.  Everything up to this point in the story is great, there is some mystery and lots of action.  Then it goes to the crapper.  Somehow they manage to take this show and create a whole string of episodes that have absolutely nothing to do with the main plot, they even include a game show episode which frustrated me to the point that I almost stopped watching, it is the first anime (under 100 episodes) that has done that to me.  It is comparable to having fillers in a show that should NEVER have fillers.  Moving on later on in the story things start to get a little better and the main characters end up back where they started but everything has changed.  The end is alright, nothing to brag about but still better than the middle of the show.  There are many confusing episodes in this series too that I still don't understand after finishing it.  The end came abruptly and it seemed like they just wanted to finish it off quickly.  It makes me feel bad that an anime with such great potential went to waste.


Animation (9/10) - When it comes to looks I think this anime was top-notch.  Everything flows well together and is well done.  The show as a whole was very dark but that was supposed to be the feel of it and the animation got the job done.  There wasn't too much they could have done to make the animation better, the story may have gone to crap but the animation was worth seeing.


Sound (9/10) - I have to say that the soundtrack to this show was great.  I thought the sound fit the mood of the show perfectly, everything was timed well.  I even remember watching the intro video just for the music, this was one of the only anime that I didn't skip the intro video after 1 or 2 episodes.


Characters (8/10) - The characters were also very well done.  Re-l was set up very well, with enough problems surrounding her to make her believable.  Vincent was also built up pretty well and continued to be a suspicious but likable character throughout the show.  Pino was my personal favorite character of the entire show, an android with super strength and the ability to do many inhuman things all in the form of a little girl.


Overall (4/10) - Normally I wouldn't rate anyting with these scores under 5 or 6 but because the creaters of this show decided to ruin the story, which I consider the most important aspect to any show, and they managed to ruin it to such a degree I have no choice but to give it a 4.  I would not recomment this anime to anyone unless they really really wanted to see it.  Please don't waste your time, there are hundreds of better shows out there to watch.  If you do end up watching it then don't bother with some of the extra episodes especially the game show episode.

3/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Singan May 25, 2012

Oh, pardon me: his name was Kazkis, not Caspar =) sometimes it's hard to recall everything correctly.

Singan May 25, 2012

The bookstore episode describes the reflexion of the protagonist. The Ophelia episode tells about loneliness in general and loneliness of proxies in particular. The episodes about Senex and Caspar are about war, love, how proxies built their worlds and what happened to them after it. The Swan episode describes the hidden motives of both protagonists and is generally an entertaining riddle. The TV-show episode is used to explain some things about the world of Ergo Proxy and to bring some change and comic relief (btw, they tell lots of interesting facts about OUR world in that show). Even the amusement park episode has its sense: it pays tribute to Walt Disney, gives some spotlight to Pino and shows how people get "recycled" in the society when they become useless to it.

Every episode of Ergo Proxy has its meaning. While the narrative of the show is sometimes hard to follow, you should just pay a little more attention, and you'll get it.