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Thoughts on Bleach

15 OCT

I remember watching bleach because it was the first long running anime that I ever watched and I loved it.  At least the beginning anyway.  It was a new idea for me soul reapers, hollows, this society of the dead so I was excited.  The first 60 some episodes that cover Ichigo becoming a soul reaper, Rukia being abducted and him and some of his friends go to rescue her were brilliant.  I loved every episode(aside from the Don Kanonji ones which were irrelevant).  But then it turned into this twisted vampire(Bount) thing that continued to piss me off more and more ever episode I watched.  I about gave up on it several times because it was completely aside from the main story and had nothing to do with Aizen or the hogyoku.  Then I believe they made another arc about the soul reapers weapons turning on the owners which pissed me off but not as much as the bounts.  At this point I finally just gave up and stopped watching for a few months and started on Naruto.  I came back to it a lot later and watched all the episodes and finally Aizen was back with the arrancars and the extremely clever ranking system of the top strongest, (one of my favorite characters of all time is Nel).  I loved this arc as much if not more than the first 60 episodes, it was wonderful.  Then it ended and what happened, they put in a shit ton more fillers that went back to the things that pissed me off and immediately I stopped watching.  Haven't gone back to it since.

Although I was looking around on netflix and saw that the first 109 episodes or so were on there so after much deliberation and boredom I decided that I would watch the beginning again(I normally never rewatch an anime and since bleach was so long I didn't want to get caught up in it again).  It took me about a week to watch the entire beginning again and it was still as good as I remembered.

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