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Jockustoe May 17, 2015

Hey, it's me AGAIN!

I have updated my list due to the fact that I forgot it was there in the first place so you might enjoy giving it a look. Needless to say, I was not at all surprised to see your informative comment on my page.

I am going to have to add a new anime to my list! (Steins Gate) Anyway, just stopped to say thanks. If you'd like to discuss any anime we have both seen that'd be openly accepted.


Jockustoe May 4, 2015

I read your review on SAO 2 and thought i would try and find a few shows on your anime list. Needless to say it just reinforced the fact that I need to watch Clannad and it's sequals. I also noticed how critical you were of the show and it made me trust your judgemnt on the subject of anime because I felt similar to how you do and was quite upset with the fact that SAO had a great start and then only had good moments here and there. I know this may be the fanboy in me but I do have to say that for someone who is critical with anime you would love Cowboy Bebop. Im a huge fan of that show and the fact that you have so many epic shows we find similarly entertaining I believe you would enjoy the series. You want depth and Cowboy Bebop delivers in every episode(session).

I hope you enjoy your first comment!