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umm not much to say about me really...i like anime and stuff 
i love playing the videya gaems
i play alot of different games and i study games design in college at the moment
i got into anime by just watching gundam wing when i was really young like when they aired it on cartoon network as a brand new show old. Then after that all i really watched is cartoons and to this day i do and i watch anime more now because i just like the animated world more than live action and with anime you have more flavour of shows to watch.

I also like homestuck alot and it is awesome and you should check it out too. my favourite troll is sollux captor and my favourite alpha human is Dirk and my favourite beta is Dave

i enjoy playing multiple games i tend to play dota 2 alot but i also play wow, dark souls 2, Destiny (ps4), Blazblue, Osu! and some other games and time to time. i like to listen to music, my favourite band is pendulum but i listen to other things as well such as celldweller, fear, and loathing in las vegas  and stuff.

i have a top 5 of my favourite animes which are...

#1 d.gray-man (favourite character is Allen Walker)

#2 code geass (favourite character is Lelouch Vi Britannia)

#3 hunter x hunter (2011) (favourite character is Killua Zoldyck)

#4 Cowboy Bepop (favourite character is Spike or Ed)

#5 Problem Children (favourite character is Izayoi)

so hi

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