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Nocturnalgloria Aug 30, 2007

 Hi there! Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I love your recommendations, they are very helpful.

Harbin Aug 23, 2007

Thats an amazing list you got.  I never expected someone who have GaoGaiGar on their top five, which is amazing!  Have u seen any of the other Brave series?

Rens Aug 1, 2007

Thanks!  I feel very welcome :)

After I attend my next con, I hope I'll have some more time to contribute to the site.  There is so much information on here  (and so much more anime to watch!)

Flimmeren Jul 27, 2007

Yo! You are hereby tagged as one of my favourites! I hope that can make up for me still not having sent you any of those packages with Bamsemums.

Firestorm Jul 19, 2007

I am your first comment.  w00t.  But why arent I listed in your favs? >_<