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She’s close to ninety pounds primalite garcinia release may be on hug and she got the homeopathic and she has done incredible very you know she's your mom I newly married a and she just have she is great before and after videos too and she talks about her daily journey when he's on p2 and I'll eyes don't watch her here's another inspirational person I want to give a shout out to yeah eagerly I think your name is yeaheasily wine and on her name here she has gotten everyone and her work in my heart withHCG and walked with all these ladies and she’s like has little support group I in person at her work in Seattle not Seattle I think she's yet below Seattle maybe the commentary or something anyway shout out to you girl of Soar and she's an amazing her and her have her redneck has been she's got some funny blog about that com I'll a CD charm is doing around right now and I her go for the goal Bay Manti round an hour she's paving the way for me in case I ever want to take that last I 10 pounds of me a hot new girl you make it then I'm going to come right behind you and do it I you know I am a big chicken unless everybody else does it first an hour anyway let me see who else I am I think that I'll figure it out of heavy Dhabi’s I had to take a planned interruption around but I've been following her in her jury and she still on the road to success with HCG you know you guys this is a process sometimes are sometimes it's not about how fast you can get down to your goal weight sometimes this is about are learning how to maintain along the journey and the lessons .

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