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July 11 Watchlist


Currently on holiday in China, but of course I'm still making time for anime!

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun:

I haven't watched Index, which apparently covers some of the story that's lacking from Railgun, so I'll have to discuss Railgun as a standalone series. Railgun talks about the daily happenings in the lives of the 4 main girls as well as their friends and colleagues, which is nice. The basis of the series is that they live and study in a city populated largely by young teenagers who are studying esper powers. I liked that in the main character cast, there were both Misaka the level 5 esper and Saten the level 0 'human' - that gave two very different perspectives on many situations, and allowed for quite a bit of character development too. Animation was very nice and crisp, and voice acting was very good too. I quite enjoyed Kuroko's voice in particular. However, the blatant yuri overtones was not to my taste. All in all, a very good spin-off which is apparently better than the parent series, and a fun anime to watch in general.

Eve no Jikan:

This was such a good and thought-provoking series that I gave it a 5 before I even finished it. However, this proved to be a bad idea because the ending really left way too much to the imagination - in other words, it was incomplete. Or at least it felt that way. The series is about the problems in interaction between humans and androids (think Chobits), however it was more like a metaphor for social homogeny and understanding due to the fact that the titular Eve of Jikan cafe, in which most of the story is set, has a 'no discrimination' policy. In short, it's more or less about racial discrimination which always gives you something to think about. The series was animated quite beautifully, with a simple style, soft lighting and some interesting directing. Voice acting was good too but nothing too special. Definitely recommended.

Giant Killing:

Nice to watch another sports anime - they're almost always very marathonable, and this was no exception. I rather liked this one, even though in the end Tatsumi proved to not be quite as interesting as I thought he would be. Then again, this is no One Outs. Giant Killing is a very team member focused anime, with many of the characters going through their own doubts and failures before emerging a better player, and as a result you get to know them as different 'people'. What I both liked and disliked about this anime was that there was almost no backstory for any of the characters, except Tatsumi and brief bits about some other characters. This meant that I was left thirsting to know more about Tatsumi's glory days and yet I was glad that they didn't interrupt the action-packed soccer with filler-esque story segments. Anyway, the animation was pretty good, with typical shounen bold lines, and voice acting was very fitting. A nice sports anime that has just what a sports anime should.

Angel Beats!

Finally got around to watching this one. It started off with a bang, and had many moments that made me really laugh, but unfortunately in the end it was too jumbled for me to give it more than a 4/5. The premise was very fresh and very interesting, though - it just wasn't utilized to the best of its abilities, especially near the end when random stuff started happening. Also, although Yuzuru and Kanade's 'romance' wasn't completely out of the blue, the end was quite sudden and left me wondering whether Kanade had died on the operating table during the heart transfusion, since she died so young. But anyway I'm sure that's not too important lol. Animation was very nice, quite game-y, and voice acting was great as well. Music was of course also pretty good, since there was a band and all. All in all, an enjoyable series that everyone should give a go.


RazorAce avatar RazorAce
Jul 9, 2011

In China as well, tudou's been helpful with old series catch-ups, but torrenting the currently airing animes are markably slower- especially when you are dl'ing from English fansub groups.

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