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February 12 Watchlist


Such a busy first month at uni! Been trying to spend some time on other things too so I barely managed to finish a single series.

Witch Hunter Robin:

I really had no idea what Witch Hunter Robin was about before I started it (aside from the obvious conjectures gained from the title), and I finished the series feeling roughly the same. Well alright, I gained a few tidbits, but more questions remained than were answered. They're not the 'ooh so deep I should think about this' type of questions... more like 'OK, wait, what about these obvious plot holes?' type of questions. The religion element seemed quite haphazardly thrown in as well where it was convenient. Also, the ending was extremely strange considering what they'd all gone through. As for the redeeming qualities - animation was quite nice, with a sombre color palette that suited the tone of the anime well, and voice acting was well done. I enjoyed seeing some of the powers that the Witches had, too, even with the little variety there was. So, in closing, I found Witch Hunter Robin to be fairly meh. It's watchable, but there's very little to make it particularly worth your time otherwise.

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