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May 11 Watchlist

15 MAY

Haven't had much time this month to watch anime, and with exams coming up in a month I probably shouldn't. XD


This was an unusually shallow CLAMP anime with a too-genki heroine and plenty of cute mascots. Although it filled me with fluffy feelings and got me excited with all the crossovers, there was no real substance to it and even the romance was total rubbish. Basically Fujimoto is a major tsundere and verbally assaults Kobato at every opportunity, but Kobato laps it up like a true masochist. They must be speaking some language unknown to me because normally when people say things like "stop following me around, you're annoying" the typical response is not "let's take a walk!". Only at the very end when Kobato is about to be whisked away by arguably the best character in the series, Ushagi-san, does Fujimoto suddenly see the light (literally, too). However, if you disregard the plot and romance completely, the series can easily make you go 'awww' and can do quite well in cheering you up. The animation was decent - it's hard to capture CLAMP manga art, but they tried. Music was pretty good too, while voice acting was appropriate but nothing special. However, I did like the fact that I didn't recognize any of the voices, which may mean either the usual voice actors did some amazing voice-altering or they finally used fresh talent which is always welcome.

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