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April 11 Watchlist

17 APR

With the completion of my exam, I've finally got time to watch stuff!

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni:

I had the misfortune of accidentally downloading the dubbed version of this anime, and since I was too lazy to download another copy, I had to sit through it. I'm not sure if it was completely terrible or not since I've never heard the original, but although the voices were really high-pitched and sometimes annoying (especially the minor female character voices *shudder*), the main voice actors did a good job with the emotions in the voices or lack thereof. The art was pretty lazy but was generally not too bad, and the cuteness of the designs just made the gore even creepier. Finally, onto the story itself - I was a little confused at first when things started repeating in arcs, but later on the arcs began to explain previous ones and you're just like "whoa, so that's what happened". The ending wasn't too good and didn't explain the main mystery, but there's a second season so perhaps it was just saving the juiciest part for later. In any case, I was pretty hooked by this series and managed to marathon most of it, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mindf**k.


I finally finished Gintama! What an accomplishment lol, even more so than finishing the monster that was LoGH. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this series throughout the several years of watching. It almost never failed to make me laugh with its ridiculous humor, parodies and use of Shinpachi as the eternal straight man to all the comedy. There were so many characters that I loved and many of them had their own arcs that explored their backgrounds and their own brand of weirdness which is pretty much a requirement for any Gintama character. Animation wasn't anything special, but it was consistant and clean. Voice acting, however, would have to take the cake. The voice actors all did their jobs wonderfully and really brought the characters to life. The only reason why I didn't give it a 5/5 was because of the cheesiness of most of its story arcs - to be honest my favorite episodes were the totally random 'filler' ones (this must be the only anime where the fillers are better than the plot-based eps). In any case there was no real ending as the sequel is already out, so I'm totally looking forward to that.

Arakawa Under the Bridge:

Watching Arakawa was almost like watching Bakemonogatari again - in terms of the visuals, at least. What Arakawa lacks in 'artistic camera shots' and 'red screens', it makes up for with its wacky sense of humor. As usual, the main character is probably the only sane one, and even so he's got enough quirks of his own, some of which disappear and are replaced by others as the show progresses. It was interesting to see his development as the series went on, and it was good that he never fully lets go of his common sense as most of the other characters have done. The animation was very attractive and clean, as expected of SHAFT, and voice acting was great too. I didn't notice much music but what they did use was suitable. All in all, an amusing anime with a great cast, although it may be a little hard to immerse yourself in it unless you really dig that sort of humor.


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