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February 11 Watchlist


Uni starting again soon, so better watch while I can.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai:

This turned out to be a great watch, as I sort of expected. Kirino's love for eroge (especially little sister ones) was a little odd and only added to the incestuous undertones throughout the whole thing, but the way they portrayed her feelings about her hobby and her being scared of what others would think was quite realistic and interesting. The characters were all quite likeable, except Kirino when she was being a royal bitch, but she had her moments too. And for once the childhood friend is actually cute without also being a tsundere, because god knows there's enough of that in this anime already. I sort of wished there would be an episode focusing on Saori because out of all of them she got the least backstory/screentime... But in any case, animation was very pretty, the voice acting was well done, and OP/EDs were pretty good. Definitely recommended.

Denpa Teki na Kanojo:

A very engrossing watch that turned out to be far darker than I thought. Still, psychological murder anime are always interesting to watch, and this was no exception. Although Ame's delusion about the bond between her and Juu were a little weird (but you do see the reason why she thinks so), she's only one psycho among plenty in this anime. Anyway, the bg art was very well done - characters were pretty good too, though Juu sometimes looked a bit odd. Voice acting and music was done well too.

Gundam 00 Second Season:

It's been a while since I watched Gundam 00, so when I checked back on my rating I was surprised to see that I'd given it only 3/5. For some reason I currently held a better opinion of it, but I trusted my judgment. 25 episodes of season 2 later, I was glad that I'd kept that 3/5 because I really can't give much better to season 2, which is probably even more full of bullshit than season 1. The constant power upgrades is akin to Gurren Lagann and, although it's used to keep the battles interesting, happens way too often. I could have sworn that Louise went through like 3 mobile suits within a few episodes. Then there was the crappy romance that they tried to pull on everybody (most noticeably with Lyle and Anew - like wtf? One episode they didn't even know each other, and the next they were deeply in love and were heartbroken about having to fight each other). And finally, poor Graham, who used to be one of my favorite characters in season 1, became a joke character who pretty much is there just to get on Setsuna's nerves and look like a fool. Sigh. On the plus side, the music was good and the animation was superb, as usual. Still very watchable, but... probably just not my cup of tea.

Blade of the Stranger:

This was pretty beautiful, and I don't just mean the art which was also very attractive. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the fighting - movements were all very fluid, and although the characters were undoubtedly tough none of them were invincible. Although the movie was only 2 hours long, it was able to reveal a bit of personality through little scenes for many characters so that by the end you will have grown quite attached to at least a few of them. I know I certainly did. Anyway the final fight was also well done and led to a touching ending. Voice acting was pretty decent; the kid was voiced by an idol which made him sound quite natural, though it kinda stuck out from the rest of the cast. However the Chinese spoken by the Ming soldiers, especially the white guy, was pretty terrible (no, he doesn't have an excuse - he's spent long enough in China). That, and the fact that the whole 'immortality elixir' thing was a little odd and not explained in the best way possible, were the only points that brought down this otherwise excellent movie.


Kuroshitsuji was another of those somewhat raved-about anime, but unfortunately it turned out to be a disappointment. It would probably have done better with half the number of episodes... the problem was that the plot itself was weak, so that they had to pad it out with heaps of filler-esque episodes and arcs. However, instead of using the existing characters as side plot material - such as the servants, whose backstories were squashed into one episode, and Pluto, who didn't even get a backstory - they introduced random characters who came in for their arcs and then pretty much just disappeared. Ciel's contract with Sebastian was also barely mentioned nor explained, and they tended to try to make things more mysterious for no good reason (for example, hiding Ciel's father's face even though he didn't play any plot-twist role that required his face be hidden). In short, everything seemed half-assed. On the other hand the art was very well done, and the voice acting was pretty good too. The comedy that popped up fairly often was done pretty well too, and made me smile. All in all, a vaguely entertaining anime for when you have nothing better to watch. PS: Sebastian has a tendency to look like a gay clown. Just sayin'.

Aria the Origination:

Ah, what a perfectly relaxing anime. Origination returned to the calm, peaceful slice-of-life that Animation was, and thankfully left out the weird stuff that was in Natural. I enjoyed every episode and the ending was very touching - I almost teared up when all 3 girls achieved their dreams, and that's saying something. Art was very lovely and so was the voice acting and music (except for the ending theme which always felt a bit jarring to me). There were a few more vocal songs this time which was nice too. Anyway, a wonderful ending to a wonderful series.


Kico7 avatar Kico7
Feb 10, 2011

Nice watch list, i love Gundam 00, Oreimo was great, but i the imouto isn't cute at all and Denpa Teki was brillant, XD

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