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August 10 Watchlist


Semester two's started now so it's a bit hectic, but I'm still making time for anime. :)

Hoop Days:

An extraordinarily cliche basketball anime with lines that will make you cringe. It had its moments I suppose, but there was a lot of recycled scenes, weird basketball moves and inconsistent animation. Voices weren't bad except for the slightly whiny voice of the main chara, though the English dubs are terrible. The music was quite good however, with a lot of techno beats that really help with the atmosphere of the games.


I really enjoyed this movie, with its impressive CG graphics and fluid actions scenes. The soundtrack was great too, especially 'Close Your Eyes' which I got rather addicted to for a while afterwards. Plot was intriguing though the ending seemed a little rushed, perhaps. Or maybe it's because it's a movie and I'm so used to watching series that it seemed short in comparison. In any case, a great watch all in all.

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