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July 10 Watchlist


Back in NZ for the holidays, but unfortunately not too much time for anime-watching. So I've decided to finish off some series that I've started.

Ga-Rei -Zero-:

This came with recommendations, so I started it at a friend's house. Even though the first few eps were a bit wtf, I was told to just keep going (not that I'd drop such a short series halfway!) and so I did. The anime starts in the past but then skips to an in media res style, which allows you to be first impressed by the awesomeness of the sword-wielding schoolgirls and then tells you how they became so awesome in the first place. Voice acting was generally good except for Kagura, whose voice was often gratingly annoying. Nevertheless the anime was well done and knew how to manipulate the viewer's emotions so that when the characters finally stopped being useless, you appreciate them that much more.


I started D.Gray-man years ago but never got around to finishing the last 20 episodes or so, so when I started it again a few days ago I'd pretty much forgotten what had happened before. Therefore I was able to watch it with a fresh mind and didn't notice the many loose-ended plotlines that apparently plagued it. The 'last boss', so to speak, did come up quite suddenly though, what with the random invasion of the Order headquarters. But from what I've read of the manga, the anime follows it quite closely for which I'm grateful. Even if they ended it suddenly without even bothering to tie up almost any loose ends with an ending that strongly suggested a sequel, I would rather they do this than make up some bullshit ending. Anyway the animation and art was better than I remembered - it was sleek, attractive and most importantly, consistent. The voice acting was well done too, with some infamous voices thrown in there. All in all, a good anime, but possibly one to be watched in arcs rather than all at once which would just leave you frustrated and confused.

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu:

After watching all that serious action anime, I decided to go for something short and light-hearted. So, not surprisingly, I went for Fumoffu. I haven't watched FMP yet but I was familiar with the premise - I suppose Fumoffu was an introduction of sorts to the characters. I enjoyed the sharp animation and the ridiculousness of Sousuke's mindset (which was well countered by Chidori's retorts as the straight-man of the comedy duo), and while the show had plenty of cliches it was still very enjoyable due to its unfailing sense of humor. Voice acting was pretty good as well. Definitely something to watch when you need to lift your mood.


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