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April 13 Watchlist

12 APR

My watch rate seems to be slowing down these days... all part of growing up, I spose.

Kimi to Boku.:

Another slice of life anime, you say?! Well, technically I'm also watching other genres, but since this one was so short and sweet I couldn't resist making it my daily dinner anime. Kimi to Boku is a welcome deviation from the usual high school girls slice of life genre, by making it... high school boys. It's interesting to see the same sorts of things from another angle though, and it helps that the boys are ridiculously adorable. The soft colors and gentle art style seeps into the atmosphere of the series and really helps you relax, while the voice acting is wonderfully fitting with lots of appropriate emotion. Yes, people have complained that nothing happens in this series, but it's a slice of life series. What do you expect? Stop looking for action and romance and whatnot and just chill, dude.

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