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January 13 Watchlist


Having survived the apocalypse, I'm here to watch ever more anime this year. Hello 2013!

Ocean Waves:

Ocean Waves is basically the story of how a blossoming (b)romance between two country boys is rudely interrupted by a bitch from Tokyo. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm a female, but I really liked the main male character and his general chill-ness. I even hoped that he wasn't going to fall for the crazy main girl, but I suppose this is Ghibli and they can't not do romance, so it's too bad. Don't get me wrong, this is an interesting watch and you do end up getting quite invested in the characters for various reasons, but the unlikeability of the heroine just killed it for me and I was unable to bring myself to enjoy it in the end.

Kuroko's Basketball:

Kuroko's Basketball is as good as it was hyped up to be. OK, to be fair, it only caught my interest because of all the awesome fanart I kept coming across, but the show itself is definitely one of the best sports anime I've seen. Because it has more than 1 season planned, it took its time with each game and with each character, fleshing out the important ones as necessary. What's even better is that unlike the usual 'tiered difficulty' opponents that the main team comes across, the team that are first defeated are not the crappiest team on the planet - in fact, all the opponent teams are roughly the same level and there are no easy victories. Another highlight is of course all the bishies, with their multicolored hair and associated names. Each have their own personality, which are distinctive and rarely cliche. I thought the anime was generally well-animated, with only few occasions where faces seemed somewhat deformed, but I would expect no less from Production I.G. <3 Voices were also excellent, and suited each character perfectly. In any case, this one comes highly recommended, even if you're not a sports anime fan. Kuroko and co. might just convert you.

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