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May 12 Watchlist


I moved house recently and didn't have internet for ages, so I ended up watching a lot of anime lol.

Hourou Musuko

This was a really slow-paced take on the growing pains of a teenage boy - but not just any teenage boy. Shu is a boy who wants to be a girl, or at the very least wants to dress like a girl. Lucky for him he has several friends who are also transvestites and his other friends are all very understanding, so he has a lot of support for dealing with a tough situation in the toughest time to have such a situation. He's also got plenty of girls lusting after him and even gets a cute model as a girlfriend at one point, though their relationship never progresses further than friendship. There's a lot of things that happen and seem pointless at the time, but as the series goes on everything blends together to make a well-rounded look at all aspects of Shu's journey of self-discovery. Shu himself can be annoying and stuttery and sometimes you just want to yell at him, but eventually he does sum up the courage to do some amazing things, and you end up cheering for him after all. Aside from a few loud voices, the voice acting is good and the art is really beautiful, especially the watercolor backgrounds. The whole anime is whited out on the corners to give a dreamy and calm sort of feel, which really fits the pace and theme. All in all an intriguing series - not everyone will be able to sit through it, but it's worth a shot.


Finally got around to watching this old classic! It's definitely a very upbeat show with wonderfully likeable cast. Lina and Gourry are possibly the first het couple I've liked in a long time, too. But that's besides the point. Slayers is a nicely coherent anime with a plot that is continued throughout the whole series without losing track of itself. The actual plot is not the most exciting, but it does the job and there are no glaring plot holes. The characters are definitely the highlight, though - Lina's greed, Gourry's dumbness, Amelia's gullibility, Zelgadis's role as the straight man and Sylphiel's innocence make up a varied cast who all have their strengths and weaknesses. The voice acting is good too, showcasing the personalities well, and helps the series never take itself too seriously. The only thing that make it slightly difficult to watch were the dated graphics, but in the end it isn't big enough a deal to break this series. Give it a go if you like anime with great slapstick humor and lots of action.

Level E:

This is one series that I have to gush about. I don't remember the last time I found an anime that reminded me so much of Gintama (i.e. my favorite comedy anime of all time) so when I found this, I immediately ended up marathoning the entire thing in 2 days. Aside from the somewhat confusing arrangement of mini-plots, there's little to fault Level E for. The animation is simple yet excellent, the voice acting is great and really shows off their characters, and the opening and ending songs are quirky in their wonderful ways as well. Of course, it helped that the first story was of the prince and his favorite ex-punk boy toy - a bit of shounen-ai always seals the deal for me, hehe. There are few anime that restore my faith in anime, and this is definitely one of them; and about time, after all the mediocre series I've been watching lately.


The start-up was slow, but once the action got rolling Bakuman really shone as a shounen series. I ended up marathoning this too and it proved to be a rollercoaster ride that took me all the way to the end. Although I never really ended up liking the 2 main characters as much as I was probably supposed to, I still supported their cause and was excited with their successes and disappointed with their failures. The art was, of course, excellent, and the voice acting is full of energy (Kaya perhaps a little too much so). The story is simple yet easy to follow, but it is unavoidably repetitive and shallow - especially the ridiculous romance between Mashiro and Azuki. Good stuff for a mindless watch, though.

Deadman Wonderland:

I'd heard mixed opinions about this one, but in essence it's a gorefest through and through. Personally I found it to exceed my expectations. The protagonist is a pretty clear Renton (from Eureka 7) copycat with his uselessness broken up with brief bursts of badassery, but I didn't hate him quite as much. Probably because Shiro is a much more likeable female protagonist than Eureka. She's adorable without being sickeningly so. As for the plot, it's a pretty simple idea that allows for the ax-crazy cast, but there are little details that made it actually coherent. There's a lot of effective foreshadowing and hinting that are obvious enough to pick up on, yet not in-your-face-you-must-be-blind-and-deaf-to-miss-this-hey-do-you-get-the-hint-yet obvious. I was initially skeptical about how they'd rush the ending to finish it in 12 eps, but fortunately judging by the final episode there appears to be plans for a sequel. Well I'm hoping there'll be a sequel, or that's one extremely open ending. The animation was extremely pretty and detailed, and the voice acting was really well done as well (especially Shiro). This isn't a happy anime for the faint-hearted, but if you're looking for a good action series with lots of violence and interesting characters, this is the one. I mean, they even bothered to give almost every named character a quick background flashback! Now that's dedication to character depth.


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