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I'm waiting to love this child you know how it is as a hedge in is very important find somebody that you trust we have a an individual here you mentioned or quoted many different organizations organization called that you’re following all up here this to the audience an organization called heart of gold adoptions his name is James Webb James nice to have you here the really nice to have you back the on a different heard I close the doctor is a closed adoptions what is the first step if somebody same apparent I one adopted child was the first thingy do um to Safer Colon  get as educated as you can turned mean it was a mention the internet terminal on information on the Internet read books I would I would contact the different agencies I different attorneys and in to see what um what works the best for you what feels right for you there's a lot of different avenues to adopt James you how many people have you helped find children my organization we've helped over thousand people die Atmen Nash its yeah I do you do it um my own experience kind of brought me into the field I I've adopted five children and I just I just really love from helping people if you could give advice to somebody as far as these different types of adoption closed adoption opened option what do you find works best I think that as you get educated and as you talk toothier adoptive families arm dead you and if you're married her singly he is something you deeply need to really consider your situation what....

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