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Spring 2014 Rank (Halfway)

My ranking list for the 2014 at about the midway point based only on shows that I've at least watched at least 2-3 episodes of. Purely based on personal opinion and enjoyment. Shows not on the list are either ones I haven't watched prior seasons to or just don't have access to. Some general notes: - The show no one's talking about (that I have seen so far) despite how much I like it is Sidonia no Kishi (Knights of Sidonia). I hope this changes once it's available on Netflix this Summer and more people are able to watch it. If you're a fan of mecha and science-fiction then I strongly recommend you pick this up when you can. One of the biggest things about the series that's got me is the attention to small details in the setting. Small things like the pilot's suit function, human evolution in space and the Sidonia's culture really have impressed me so far. This is in addition to a strong plot and interesting characters. I will admit that the CGI might not be everyone's cup of tea, however, if you can look past that I think you'll find a show worth watching. - My biggest surprises for the season are probably 'No Game No Life', 'Nanana' and 'Chaika: The Coffin Princess'. The shows in this category have been far more entertaining that my initial impressions would have led me to believe and are amongst the strongest shows this season. NGNL has great humour while also have a pretty good story and the game aspect of the series is really well done and really leaves you guessing. 'Nanana' is a show that really goes from strength to strength once you get past the first episode and begin to meet all of the characters. They all have their individual quirks and the writing brings out the best in them. The constant back-stabbing is also fun and Nanana's character helps tie the show together. 'Chaika', like most the other surprises kind of starts slowly but the momentum over the length of the series so far has been steadily growing. The title character's speech pattern and naive antics keep the episodes going between plot points and there are more than a couple of plot turns that keep things fresh. Biggest Busts: - This name of this category is kind of a double meaning since a lot of the crap shows on this list are pretty much just boobs talking to other boobs with a nonsensical plot. 'Blade and Soul' is probably the worst offender in this category. The characters showed no development over the 5 episodes that I watched and the story is pretty poorly written so that it lurches from one plot point to another with little sense. Apparently some people like this show, though I can't fathom why. Another show I'm pretty down on right now is 'M3'. With a dark story, mystery and mechs I thought I was going to really enjoy this show, but it's getting close to being dropped since it's running for 24 episodes and the story at this point doesn't seem like it can sustain itself over that length. There are simply too many situations where things don't add up, even in an anime setting. Also, it doesn't help that the animation isn't a strong suit of this show. Hoping for a strong finish: - Mekaku City Actors is probably my poster child for this category. The first episode had my pretty excited for what was to come, only for the next few episodes to really drag the show down. I get the general idea of what they were trying to do, but it really broke the show's momentum. Hopefully now that a lot of the background information for the characters has been covered the show can actually put some momentum together and really go somewhere. Date a Live 2 has also left me wanting. Apparently a lot of content from the LN's has been omitted to get the show's storylines through in a shortened season. I can see how this would affect the general quality of the show, but in general everything feels little meh compared to the first season. It kind of feels like the whole thing is running on a tight budget. Hopefully the remaining episodes tie things off enjoyably though. If you've made it this far, thanks for looking at the list and reading my thoughts. The rest of the shows I feel either speak for themselves in their quality or lack thereof.


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