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Blast of Tempest

Mar 30, 2013

This was an incredible anime with alot of romance and action and mystery mixed in to one. This anime might not seem like anything at first but keep watching, because this was one of the most epic story's I have ever seen in an anime. It will keep you guessing untill the very end and the romance and magic mixed together in this way was truly amazing. I liked the art work and the way the story keeps suprising you. I hade read it's description many times before actually watching it and the way they describe the anime isn't really fair to how good it actually turned out to be it hits my top 10 anime for romance and magic. It's very emotionall intense and a bit on the darker side but this anime is all about the story the action and magic is just part of it but what makes this anime is the romance part. It was also a very sad theme with alot of death and sadness in it. However I promise you that if you start watching you wont want to stop it's just one of those anime you cant stop watching untill the end.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Lumineux May 15, 2013

While I did practically watch this from start to finish in a short time, I can't really ignore the show's faults. Its a decent show sure, but the execution was a bit off. A few brief things such as:

tension- people die in the beginning, yet we don't really care as they are random people and it happens so fast. The characters are obviously not affected by this situation either. In the end, the crew are so eager to save everybody.

shakespeare- too excessive. The show obviously focused character choices and their consequences( as in shakespears works). It just doesnt have much impact for the viewer. The show tries hard to sound deep consistently.

plot dragging- they keep talking, just get to the f-ing point and ask him who his girlfriend is. instead, noone has an idea until episode 19 or so.

ammo1991 Apr 2, 2013

i did same as you, i read the description many times, took months before i actually watched it! (today).

And yeah, this really deserves 10/10. The sotry is one of the best ive seen till now, it might not be quite my type of anime, but really, this is a masterpiece.