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AlexanderVanHellsing says...

sorry about the last part , that with the avatar,i though u were somone else, anyway you are invited too to join us.

Jan 9, 2013
AlexanderVanHellsing says...

Hello there, my name its Alexander,I checked your anime list,its pretty awesome, i saw that we have some things in common, or that's what i think.

im really bored of saying "i watched that  and that".. i want to chat with some people who like anime a share opinions and stuff. will you join me? let's have a chat room on this site or something. don't you agree?

I already creted a chat room, if you want to join send me a feedback.

Just like an idea, it can be a good idea to change your avatar in one that you like more, maybe with your favorite character :D.

Jan 9, 2013