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So hey there fellow anime person. :D As my prof says- I am commonly refered to as "Frenzoid". But what it doesn't say is that my true name is actually Sir Rupert Charles Livingston the First.

...Ya got me. That's not really my name and if it was- that'd be kinda creepy. Especially since I am female and I coulda sworn that my name was Stephanie. Oh well. *shrug*

In any case, I am here to explore the site and show off my sig on other sites. .......and I'd be pleased as punch if you would take a gander at my deviantart page and tell me what ya think. (

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Kama says...

Is anime something you watch or eat... wow... that was a great question, for a second I was wondering how to answer yes or no to a question like that, and then I relized that you don't... anyways...

I know you liked sailor moon when you was a teeny little girl... you still have the anime? :3

Dec 15, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

I took a gander (is that the right way so use that word?  O.o) at your deviant art page.  You are really good!  I liked the Annoyed Ariel picture!

Dec 12, 2007
Reawen says...

I once went to a certain club to see a concert, and I was underaged at the time (wow, that was ages ago... >_< )... and at this particular club they check your ID at the door and stamp your hands. If you're over 21, you get the name of the club stamped on one hand. If you're under 21, you get a RAT(!!!) stamped on BOTH hands. And I couldn't get the ink off for a week. So I was going around to college and work all week with rats stamped on my hands... O_o I think 'Frenzoid' is better ^_^

In other randomness, nice #2 in your top 5! I don't think that was there when I stopped by before. I think I would have noticed, being an Ouran fangirl myself ^_^

EDIT: Oops, I posted, then remembered something else I meant to say: I checked out your deviantart page - I love the "Newsflash: I'm not Disney" one! Hahaha... very funny :p

Ok, I think that's really it this time! 

Dec 11, 2007
zoelyn says...

Hi, I saw you on the forums and just wanted to compliment you on your Kyo signature! =)  It seems that you're new, so welcome to A-P!!

Dec 10, 2007
Reawen says...

I'm not sure why, but I absolutely love your username. "Frenzoid"... It's just fun to say! ^_^

But man, what's with you watching Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden at the same time O_o   Spoilers, spoilers! (Just messing with you!)

And I like the Kyo sig, too! 

Dec 10, 2007