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I've watched anime for a couple of years now. I like most genre's of anime. I try to stay well rounded in what I watch. I'm not real big on the mecha or action anime, but I will watch some. I don't like to watch anything over two seasons, as it took forever to get through inuyahsa. Luckily my friend Serge saved me by showing me more of the world of anime that there are some that can be finished in a season or two heh.

I also love going to anime conventions. I'll be going to ohayocon and doing the "Name that tune" and "Name that character tune" panels, hope to see you there. You'll also see me at anime north and fan expo in toronto during the year.

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wolfangel87 Dec 16, 2007

Just wanted to say hi!  I really like your avatar, what is it from?

Kilplow Dec 11, 2007

Well your last demand was I do more, and though I am slow at responding, I've updated for you, bio and rational on my top 4 (yes I cut one until I can muse further).  Aren't you happy?  If we hadn't gone to the convention surely, I'd have gotten further!  You have no one to blame but yourself.

SatoshiJiro Nov 27, 2007

LOL! Watch something you haven't seen, "Dogtato-kun" or "Afro-ken".


Sorry, just had to share them when they popped up in my 'haven't watched' list. A side to anime I haven't experienced. T.T


This is another reason AP rocks. LOL!

heprea Nov 26, 2007

ahaha, done my liege or how ever u spell it >:3

ya ill tell you when higurashi s2 is complete 20 episodes so far so ~4 weeks and its complete i guess :3