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I've watched anime for a couple of years now. I like most genre's of anime. I try to stay well rounded in what I watch. I'm not real big on the mecha or action anime, but I will watch some. I don't like to watch anything over two seasons, as it took forever to get through inuyahsa. Luckily my friend Serge saved me by showing me more of the world of anime that there are some that can be finished in a season or two heh.

I also love going to anime conventions. I'll be going to ohayocon and doing the "Name that tune" and "Name that character tune" panels, hope to see you there. You'll also see me at anime north and fan expo in toronto during the year.

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lavender4944 says...

I will cosplay... I'm just not sure who I'm going as yet :p

Dec 4, 2009
heprea says...

I see, you are watching kanon(2002) :3 Hopefully you are gonna enjoy it. Its one of my top5 series, and its been there ever since I saw it.

Also, how are you doing? Come visit us when you have the time.:)

(also, I finaly went past you in rated songs amount :P)

Sep 15, 2009
SatoshiJiro says...

You're so behind the times.  I took over Florida months ago.  Georgia and Alabama just last month.  I'm working on Mississippi and throwing a little support to Texas in preparation.  Ill let you know how it fares.  <3

Oh, and it's late.. but Happy Birthday!  xD

Aug 2, 2009
sothis says...

happy bday ^_^

Jul 21, 2009
heprea says...

Ohhhh, so adding friends works again now? I see~ Im gonna add you right away when i find the "add" button :D

Jul 21, 2009