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I've watched anime for a couple of years now. I like most genre's of anime. I try to stay well rounded in what I watch. I'm not real big on the mecha or action anime, but I will watch some. I don't like to watch anything over two seasons, as it took forever to get through inuyahsa. Luckily my friend Serge saved me by showing me more of the world of anime that there are some that can be finished in a season or two heh.

I also love going to anime conventions. I'll be going to ohayocon and doing the "Name that tune" and "Name that character tune" panels, hope to see you there. You'll also see me at anime north and fan expo in toronto during the year.

For the best anime music around drop by www.animenfo.com/radio

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Dayton, Ohio

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October 7, 2007

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June 8, 2014

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Hellsatins avatar Hellsatins


Oct 17, 2007

Good freewind... *pets your head* and are you sure your surrounded by beautiful womens? O_O if so... then... DAM J00!

but yes, indeed, your life is filled with no plot line O_O 

Himitsu avatar Himitsu

Great Signature!

Oct 17, 2007

lol, that signature of yours is so "you".

Shana is quite boring looking (my current signature), I might change it soon. How about... now? *goes off to change it*. 

Hellsatins avatar Hellsatins


Oct 17, 2007

*helps Katy with the shoving of hellsing*

Katybear avatar Katybear


Oct 17, 2007

You and your harem anime =.=;; ... lol 

You know what your list needs more of?... VAMPIRES! XD *shoves some Hellsing DVD's towards you*... Gotta balance out the cute with something lol

SatoshiJiro avatar SatoshiJiro


Oct 17, 2007

They need a 'I want to touch you' icon for comments.  XD

*slam dances*

This site is great, but there needs to be more things to do.  I bet there are lots of members who just stop in for a few days and then get bored and leave.  It's a shame because there is a lot of potential here.   

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