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Mai Nakahara

16 JUL

My favorite voice actress by far.  She's probably not the most talented and she doesn't typically voice my favorite characters, but there's something about her that really makes me enjoy the parts she plays and the songs she sings.  Here are a few characters you might have seen as you've watched your anime:

  Amaenaideyo!! & Amaenaideyo!!  Katsu!! as Chitose Nanbu

 Her character is a typical main female role character as in almost any harem.    Both seasons of this anime she does do theme music for, which are spectacular.  She also helps lead the chorus for both ops as well.  "Lonesome Traveller" is easily my favorite Anime song to date. 

Clannad as Nagisa Furukawa

Probably one of her more fan favorite characters.  Everyone loves the Dango girl.  She is soft spoken like most of her characters.  I'm only about half way through the first season, so no spoilers!

  DearS as Miu

Mai and Ai Shimizu go hand and hand (I look forward to Strawberry Panic ^_^) and they make a great duo in DearS.  Miu plays a good supportive role in this Comedy-Romance anime.  

Higurashi as Rena

One of Mai's more violent and loud characters.  You'll find quickly in Higurashi that the characters go from soft to loud in a heart beat, Mai pulls this off very well.  Also look into the character songs in this anime.

  My-Hime as Mai Tokiha

I'm sure she was thrilled when she got to play a character that shared the same first name as her own.  Did I also say her and Ai go hand and hand?  Don't look who voices Mikoto in this anime.  My-hime also throws in a nice karaoke episode, which Mai patiently waits for her turn in. 

Utawarerumono as Yuzuha

This will be my last character I mention Mai play as, (I don't think i've seen her in any others yet lololol).  You don't get a more quiet spoken character than one who is sick and doesn't get around all that often, not a major role in the anime, but adds a nice touch to this good anime series.


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