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  • The Beginning...of the End....can be found somewhere in the Middle

The Beginning...of the End....can be found somewhere in the Middle

13 JUL

Recently watched Anime:

'To Heart'

I acquired To Heart like most of my anime, back when Best Buy was clearing shelves and sold everything for half off.  Being only 13 episodes long me and Chris "Kilplow" managed to watch it on a Sunday afternoon.

The Good

It's finally good to know what animes Haruhi gets its material from.  It does well with the slice(s) of life.  It has an ending.

The Average

The animation is nothing great, but if you look at other anime's from 1999, I'd say it's on par with the others.  The framerate was pretty bad.  For being a harem anime, the girls figures weren't exagerated.  The music was meh, nothing to remember, nothing that i had to try to forget.

The Bad

11 characters, 13 episodes, not a ton of time for character development.  As it did well in a slice of life, it did poorly as it also tried to insert a romance plot.  It was a pretty obvious harem, with the trial of a love story, and though a resolved ending, it didn't feel like it was highly anticipated.  I thought the opening was terrible, as it doesn't even show all the characters in it. 


I'd probably recommend watching the first couple of episodes to see if you like it.  Definitely not one to put on the shelf. 

Interesting Facts

-Yui Horie voices Multi in the anime, who also shows up in Comic Party as the same character.  It would be one of her first major roles (She later stars as Honda in Fruits Basket, Hanyu in Higurashi, and has done quite a bit of theme music).

-Compare the similarities between Serika Kurusugawa from To Heart and Yuki Nagato from Haruhi. 

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