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I'm Rebecca, 17 y o college student :3

My favourite things in the world are my bands- Keane, Muse and My Chemical Romance :3

My favourite animes are Hana Yori Dango, Digimon 01 and 02, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shugo Chara Doki!! and Lucky Star :) I also like horror genre animes like Higurashi or HOTD, ignoring the whole ecchi-ness of them all. I used to be a big otaku about a year ago, then I took a few months' break away from anime. I'm too busy with work to watch a lot of anime anymore, but I still try to watch something fairly regularly. My want to watch list must recede! :O

I don't particularly like sports anime, and I've never watched a mecha cause none of them have ever sounded very appealing... :S Maybe I should try one just to see :S I'm not really one for hentai, and I only put up with ecchi if its the secondary genre of a show I'm watching and the story is so good it makes it worth all the breats bouncing around.

(V)(^_^)(V) Crabs are cool (V)(^.^)(V)

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Fallenblackroses Mar 20, 2012

Oh yeah, Bridget Jones's Diary, I haven't seen that in soooo long! I never get to see movies like that in the cinema because I have to pick something both my boyfriend and me will enjoy, usually something with lots of action or horror, although I did get to see a lot of Marvel movies last year. We were meant to go today but he's ill :(

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I haven't had a lot of time on the computer and our internet is really slow. I've been busy catching up on some manga and playing games xD What have you been doing this week?

Oh and I usually buy things like pens, paper and notebooks from Poundland, because I'm cheap, althought the notebooks fall apart easily and only have about 70 pages. You'd probably need to buy a notebook every week if you bought one, so you wouldn't really be saving any money xD Have you got any plans for your birthday?

Fallenblackroses Mar 16, 2012

Oh, if you haven't seen Battle Royale, you definately should D: Although it's rated 18...but that's just because of all the gore. When I saw the trailer for Hunger Games I thought it sounded similar. It also has a manga series, which you could probably read online if you wanted. The Tokyopop translation of it is weird though o.o Oh and My Best Friends Wedding is good, one of them silly romance comedy movies, it's better if you can relate to the characters. I went to the cinema on Tuesday and saw a movie called The Raven, about Edgar Alan Poe having to solve some murders that were based around all his poems. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be though >.< Are you going to see Hunger Games when it comes out in cinemas? Maybe it'll be told differently. If I like it, I might buy the books (:

The most I write in my journals are about holidays, which are usually about 5-6 pages. I got into the habit of only writing a few sentences so it can take years to fill a book. My books are always cheap, I never ever thought of spending £10 on a book Dx Usually they cost about a pound. I have some books that are just filled with random information on anime, like when the new anime season comes out I have pages full of descriptions and reviews. But yeah my journals usually last about 2-3 years xD I don't write in them as much as I used to.

Fallenblackroses Mar 11, 2012

Hahaha, your friend is silly for not noticing! I thought that reading it would've made him realise what was actually going on. There's no need to rush anyway, although this reminds me of a movie I saw called My Best Friends Wedding, where the woman ends up falling in love with her best friend and finds out he's actually getting married...but they were nearly 30 so I don't think you have to worry about that yet xD Good luck to whatever you decide to do, although maybe one day he'll surprise you and end up asking you out? That would be crazy but it's possible xD

Oh man, I love tragic books. I have lots of books about people who had troubled childhoods. I love how you know the ending will be happy (clearly, since they wrote it as an adult) but seeing them over coming obstacles and being brave makes me pretty happy. Although they can be upsetting. Do you know which books I'm talking about? They usually have pictures of sad children on the front, with depressing titles like Punished or Broken.

I've seen The Hunger Games movie trailer, which looks pretty cool, and noticed that everywhere I go the books are being sold. I never heard about them until I saw the trailer for the movie! Are the books good? The story seems to be a bit of Battle Royale (I hope you know what Battle Royale is), people having to compete in some sort of...battle? Is that what the Hunger Games are like?

My favourite book genres...I'll read pretty much anything. I already mentioned the whole tragic childhood books, but I also like cheesey romance books, especially ones set in a historical era (like 500 years ago, or longer) and horror, although it's pretty hard to find books that are good at being scary. What genres do you like?

Ohoh, I've been keeping journals since I was 14, but I haven't filled up as many books as you! Maybe because sometimes I don't write in them for months. I can fit all my filled books in a shoe box, so it's pretty easy to hide. No idea how I would hide 15 of them though! When did you start writing in journals? That's an epic amount o.o

Fallenblackroses Mar 8, 2012

Haha oh my god, art teachers HATE stuff like anime, I think they don't think it's a real form of art... I remember when our topic in art was light and dark, I drew two of the clow cards from Cardcaptor Sakura, the light and the dark:


if you were wondering what they look like. It fitted pretty well and I just told the teacher they were from mythology :D I also drew Sailor Moon in her white dress and added angel wings. That's probably why art was so enjoyable, since a lot of people didn't realise it's from an anime series xD

Uh oh that doesn't sound good >.< If I were in that position I probably would've lied to him but no doubt he would've figured it out anyway. So do you actually like him a lot? When I first asked my boyfriend out he rejected me but after a week or so he finally accepted, maybe your friend would be the same after a while, if you like him that is. Either way, it sounds pretty horrible, kinda like catching someone reading your personal diary, if you have one. I caught my cousin reading mine once, years ago, and we almost fell out about it o.o

LOL Yeah, it has about 500, but I read about 50 pages last night (lol I accidentally typed chapters xD) so not long to go now. At first it was supposed to be historical romance, but those last 50 pages made it into a horror, pretty gruesome.

Fallenblackroses Mar 7, 2012

Wouldn't shock me if the Subway workers noticed the slug but ignored it. I imagine the girl at my Subway would look at it, then look at her watch and notice her break was coming up and just ignore the slug. But yeah, that was my rage of the week, I haven't had a rage this week though. Yet.

Ohoh I added you on FB :D I was looking around and saw your awesome anime pictures, woah, they are really cool! I love the Higurashi one, it was the first one I noticed, but the coloured-in ones look amazing. So eye catching. I used to draw a lot but like with most things I stopped ): I did really well in art at school though, it was the subject I got the highest grades for, the second was graphic design, which was pretty much the same thing. Do you have to do GCSEs this year?

Oh, why did you going to delete your story? You made it sound like you were quitting completely, but taking a break from it can be a good thing. More time for ideas. I've been reading this book about the Chinese mafia, it took me about 3 months to get halfway through it and I still have loads of go >.< I got it from Poundland, it seems odd for them to sell books for a pound, especially since this one is pretty decent.