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Yumeiro Pâtissière

Feb 10, 2012

Story: Prior to watching this, I had only ever read one cooking manga- Kitchen Princess (Which was absolutely stunning) so I was slightly worried that this anime would look slightly bad in comparison. My worries were proved valid.

 The first few episodes of this show did indeed remind me a lot of Kitchen Princess, I had high hopes for this series. But then after about episode 5 ALL THE WAY to episode 50 almost all of the stories were filler, filler, filler. I have NEVER seen so many fillers in a series all my life. Even the actual story seemed like filler, since it is so simple, predictable and pointless. Amano Ichigo has various cooking tournaments against different cooks of different ranks. And guess what? She wins EVERY SINGLE TOURNAMENT. I did not find this very thought-provoking at all.

 I really cannot believe how great this seemed in the first 3 or so episodes, and how unbelieably simple it resulted in being.

AnimationFor a 2009 anime, the art looks like something from 2003. The art was not very inspirational, it was not that appealing and looked very low-budget. Sure, it could have been worse. But older anime series like Tokyo Mew Mew or Negima?! looked loads better than Yumeiro Patissiere.

Sound: I only finished watching this show a few days ago, yet the music I struggle to remember. It was not that great. The opening song I have to say I hated, I found it very odd, cheesy and embarrassing to listen to. Other songs were bearable, but blended in and failed to add to the mood for me.

 Characters: Amano is like any other Shoujo protagonist out there- clumsy, awkward, yet when she gets inspired she can practically rule the world. For Amano, although this did not annoy me, it didn't exactly make me LIKE her either.

The Sweet Princes were alright, their individual personalities were brought out, yet nothing in terms of romance developed in ANY of them. I found that really irritating.

 Overall: I am dissappointed. It really showed promise at first, but its just filler upon filler of endless drab. If you're a young girl who loves cooking and can't tell filler apart from crucial storyline, then this is for you. But otherwise, I would advise against Yumeiro Patissiere for the time being I'm afraid.

6.5/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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Fallenblackroses Feb 10, 2012

I have to agree with you, I hated how she won every tournament- there was no suspense, except *maybe* in the last few episodes. Really pointless. I also thought it was pretty lame how she became really ambitious simply because she liked sweets. I like them too but not enough to go to an expensive high-class school to learn to make them .__.

Although I did enjoy all the different cake/sweet themes. You should watch YP Professional and review it! It's only 12 or 13 episodes long, so not such a waste of time.

And Kitchen Princess is so awesome. Someone should animate it.

Awesome review :)