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Kimikiss Pure Rouge

Oct 29, 2011

Story: The story to Kimikiss is very simple, a group of high school students who get stuck in all sorts of love triangles. I really enjoyed this anime, and when I think back to everything that had happened in it, I was suprised that they managed to condense the whole thing into only 24 episodes. As the story progresses it does a great job of shaping your feelings about the current situations and the characters, your perceptions are always altering in every episode, and in a good way.

Animation: The animation was very good in this anime, even for the year it was made it seemed very advanced in comparison with other anime in that years production. The characters looked very detailed, so did the backgrounds.

Sound: If I'm honest I can't even remember much of the sound, except for the opening song which I thought was very good and suited the general feel of the anime. None of the other OST's songs seemed out of place, they all suited from what i can remember.

Characters: These were GREAT *_* Essentially in the 2 main love triangles at first I found myself routing for the 2 guys to go with one girl each, then by the very end I wanted nothing morethan for them to end up with the other girls instead. Just small vague character alterations change your mind back and forth, getting you right into the anime. It really draws you in, and the characters develop so much in such a short time, its very impressive.

Overall: For saying this is just about 6 teenagers who have crushes on each other, it certainly does stand out in comparison with other romance anime's and in every episode something crucial to the plot was happening- there were no cursed fillers. Bottom note: This is one of the best teenage romance anime's out there! You should watch it!

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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