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Pretty Cure

Oct 29, 2011

Story: I like my mahou-shoujo, I don't tend to see them all as Sailor Moon copies, but Futari Wa PreCure just is that. With no story what it made up itself, the story drags along for 50-odd episodes doing exactly the same as Sailor Moon, yet doing it badly. 2 girls who aren't that likeable, added up with 2 little irritating familiars who make the girls transform with magical phones of all things, fight aliens (sometimes taking the forms of vacuums and other inanimate household objects) and are out to return these rainbow gems to a place called The Garden of Light. They finally get all 7 stones, and what do they do? They lose them all over again, and have to REPEAT THE WHOLE PROCESS. So prepare yourself for more uninteresting alien fights as they collect the same things for about 30 more miserable episodes.

Animation: I found the animation in this very tacky and dull, I almost didn't want to look at it- it made me look like some kind of master artist in comparison. There wasn't really anything good about it, what happenned to the normal tradition of anime characters having bright, awesome hair styles in an array of crazy colours? No, every single character looks like your typical average joe, each more boring than the next. Who were the animators and designers for this show? O_O

Sound: A lot of irritating little jingly tunes were used in this show, and that was it. Even the opening song didn't do the show justice, best to watch this on mute just reading the subtitles.

Characters: Perhaps the most boring sets of characters its ever been my misfortune to learn about. The only one that showed any vague promise to me was the guy that Nagisa had a crush on, but even he was boring.

Overall: Maybe for 5 year old girls who can't tell fillers from good storylines would like this, but other than them I doubt anyone would find this much of a show. I can't believe they've managed to span about 7 series from it!! Watch some other Mahou-Shoujo like Sailor Moon or Tokyo Mew Mew.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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