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I resumed watching "Maison Ikkoku"

16 JUL

I think it's been a year since I have watched this show, and since it's summer once again, I found time to watch a series that is probably my favorite of all time, Maison Ikkoku. Seriously, I have fallen in love with it once again and I am only in episode 56, but I have been through most of the episodes, more than half, which kind of makes me sad. But never have I been so satisfied by an anime. I really want to read the manga and I probably should have read the manga first because that's how I go about doing most things, but I just had to watch this and never was I let down. 

I have laughed, cried, felt every emotion and the characters are TRULY unforgettable. It's proably, in my opinion, Rumiko Takahashi's best manga ever written and drawn. It's so QUALITY. I can't wait to finish and then read the manga. It's a bittersweet feeling but Maison Ikkoku truly is my favorite anime. 


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