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Hello All! I'm a rather boring junior in Highschool who spends way too much time finding new obssessions when I should be studying. I spend the majority of my freetime reading, but also have a rather large love of piano and, when I have the attention span for it, writing. As much as I love anime, i don't spend nearly as much time watching it as I would like. I happened to stumble upon this site and have since then decided it is the perfect thing to keep me straight on what shows I've seen and where I am in them. I often go so long between watching that I lose track of where I was! With summer coming up i can only hope to finally have the free time to sit and watch the long list of shows on my waiting list.

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VivisQueen May 25, 2008

Saw that you were the newest member in the forum, liked the sound of your name, so thougth I'd come and say hi. Hello! *waves* Welcome to AP and hope you like it here. Hopefully, you've already seen how crazy the forum is and decided you fit right in. Lol. :)