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Yet another bio update. These things go out of date so quickly, or I'm getting old and beginning to understand why adults always complained about time moving too fast back when I was a nipper.

I'm currently working as a part-time cleaner to pay the bills, and more importantly buy more delicious vinyl records (for my favourite musical artists see here), whilst working at setting up my own business. I'm also a member of an experimental post-rock/electronica band Ghosts Wear Clothes which released an album, Threads, in the Spring of 2012.

Aside from anime, where my tastes range from cloyingly sentimental romances like Clannad to bleak, depressing arty shit like Monster, these are some of my favourite:


Manufacturing Consent (N. Comsky and E. Herman), Beyond Chutzpah (N. Finkelstein), Gulag (A. Applebaum), A Song of Ice and Fire (GRR Martin), Lord of the Rings (JRR Tolkien), Frankenstein (Shelley), Harry Potter (JK Rowling) Testament of Youth (V. Brittain), Prince of Nothing (R.S. Bakker), Gentleman Bastards (S. Lynch), Gaunts Ghosts (D. Abnett), Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution (P. Kropotkin), My Disillusionment in Russia (E. Goldman), It (S. King)


28 Days Later, A Very Long Engagement, Bladerunner, The Descent, Downfall, Four Lions, Gettysburg, Ladybird, Ladybird, Lord of the Rings, The Orphanage, Threads, Tokyo Sonata 

TV Shows

American Dad, Band of Brothers, Deadwood, Family Guy, Fringe, Futurama, Game of Thrones, Garrow's Law, House, Ideal, Misfits, QI, Ripper Street, Rome, Shameless, The Simpsons, The Walking Dead


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iain7 Apr 12, 2008

thanks for the profile comment! Really made me want to spend more time on anime-planet (hehe)

It's also great that I'm not the only one on this website with the *correctly spelt* name Iain!

You have a good choice in anime, books, films etc. May I recommend the series of books about Thomas Covenant written by Stephen Donaldson? They're a good read :D

Great profile! If I have the time, I might do something similar with mine...

whitecomet Apr 5, 2008

Porcupine tree is awesome (fantastic taste in music) and Great profile btw

benskorner Apr 3, 2008

thanks dude. yea i love it. ive gotten so many good recs from this site. and i like how i can keep track of what ive watched and everything. a lot neater than the excel document im using now ;)

Oehr Apr 3, 2008

I listened to the album In Absentia. I didn't like the other songs of the album that much... I went to the next music shop and listened to another album(can't remember its name) - didn't like it at all...

now to the amv:

- trains: well executed, also the transition when the song actually starts (1:11) was well chosen

- 5cm: didn't finish the movie yet, so i didn't watch it

- nau-something: i want to watch the movie as well, so no go

- crazy: didn't finish the anime, but i love the song :)

- baby: song sucks... it might work great with the anime, though the song sucks so hard, i couldn't continue to listen to it....

- yours: i didn't like the anime nor the music this much, but i still listened to it:  well done for your first amv, but next time, something what i like please^^ ttgl and ibi dreams of pavement - i would love to see something like this :)

i don't do music videos, so i don't know much about making a awesome one, but i did some other videos:

i also did some video editing for a small school project once :) 

whatever, keep up the work :D

ill listen to some stars later :)

(i liked Take Me to the Riot) 

Oehr Apr 2, 2008

amv as in anime music video? well, no^^

the song trains by porcupine tree is the only one i really like...

my list: