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Yet another bio update. These things go out of date so quickly, or I'm getting old and beginning to understand why adults always complained about time moving too fast back when I was a nipper.

I'm currently working as a part-time cleaner to pay the bills, and more importantly buy more delicious vinyl records (for my favourite musical artists see here), whilst working at setting up my own business. I'm also a member of an experimental post-rock/electronica band Ghosts Wear Clothes which released an album, Threads, in the Spring of 2012.

Aside from anime, where my tastes range from cloyingly sentimental romances like Clannad to bleak, depressing arty shit like Monster, these are some of my favourite:


Manufacturing Consent (N. Comsky and E. Herman), Beyond Chutzpah (N. Finkelstein), Gulag (A. Applebaum), A Song of Ice and Fire (GRR Martin), Lord of the Rings (JRR Tolkien), Frankenstein (Shelley), Harry Potter (JK Rowling) Testament of Youth (V. Brittain), Prince of Nothing (R.S. Bakker), Gentleman Bastards (S. Lynch), Gaunts Ghosts (D. Abnett), Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution (P. Kropotkin), My Disillusionment in Russia (E. Goldman), It (S. King)


28 Days Later, A Very Long Engagement, Bladerunner, The Descent, Downfall, Four Lions, Gettysburg, Ladybird, Ladybird, Lord of the Rings, The Orphanage, Threads, Tokyo Sonata 

TV Shows

American Dad, Band of Brothers, Deadwood, Family Guy, Fringe, Futurama, Game of Thrones, Garrow's Law, House, Ideal, Misfits, QI, Ripper Street, Rome, Shameless, The Simpsons, The Walking Dead


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VivisQueen Jul 7, 2013

Duuuuuude! You're still alive! Hurrah. :)

At least you're still watching some anime. I went through a dry period for a while and wasn't really much present on the site. But now I'm back in the swing and enjoying some great shows. Anime has been comforting me through my Masters thesis, which has been in turns dull, exciting, frustrating, and rewarding.

I'm generally well. Healthy and happy. But just sort of looking forward to finishing the Masters now. After that, PhD. But then I swear I'll quit my addiction to formal education and get a proper job like a real human being. What are you watching generally? If you're up for recommendations, I SERIOUSLY think you need to see Aku no Hana and Psycho-pass. The first is a mindfuck of beautiful and moving proportions; the second is GitS with slightly cornier sci-fi gimmick but more likeable protags.

VivisQueen Jun 9, 2013

Funny story, right. So I've been gone from the forum for aaaaaages, like a year or more. And I return and recently was exchanging words with Uriel. And then I noticed his sig and that you're quoted in it. And then I thought 'Wow, ForgottenSon! Haven't seen him around in... years?' So I dropped by to say hi and whatcha doin'? Good to see you still log in once in a while, at least you're still around and watching stuff. :)

Aurura Sep 5, 2011

Hi there nice to meet ya.

Wow, considering all of the deep, psychological books, movies, stories and such that you've listed above, it's almost (but not quite) ironic that your #1 Top Anime is 'Azumanga Daioh', heh~!  But anyway, I really enjoyed that anime as well.

Hope to see ya around. *waves*

VivisQueen Dec 6, 2010

Ah-hah! So you've watched Wings of Honneamise! Thoughts, please! :D

VivisQueen Nov 16, 2010

Hey dude,

Just to say there's a new Waste Your Weekend event. Since you joined in the older ones, wondered if you might be interested in this one. The theme: weird anime. :)