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Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan

12 JUL

Haruhi-chan was a bit of a silly and fun little series.  It took a few episodes to really catch my interest.  However, when it did become better, it was actually legitimately funny.  It really builds up steam as it goes along mainly with the most humorous moments dished out by Yuki early on then Itsuki later.  Taniguchi's appearances also caused quite a laugh considering the poor guy can never get a break.

Overall, the only episodes that really felt like a waste were the episodes centering around Asakura Ryoko and Yuki.  They were overall uninteresting and felt completely random, but not in a way that seems funny.  Asakura overall felt incredibly out of character and while that's to be expected in a humor spinoff that portrays everybody slightly out of character, hers was so far gone that it just took away from the humor effect.  Yuki's complete apathy towards situations involving Asakura and the balloon dog, Kimidori-san, may have had more of a humorous impact if Yuki wasn't a character that gave off the impression of having no emotion.

Haruhi-chan is not a series for everybody.  Mainly fans of the original Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi would get a kick out of it because Haruhi-chan does bring up a few plot-related points from that first series.  Aside from that, the humor is generally pretty random and at times relies on the viewer's knowledge of the characters.

However, if you do know and love the original MoSH, then I'd recommend this as a quick and fun watch if bored.  Some episodes really are genuininely funny.

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