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Hi everyone! My name is Lorenzo. Ever since I was first introduced to anime I have searched far and wide for animes to watch. My spark for anime started after I watched all of Code Geass. Initially I didn't see it as much but as the mecha got cooler, the characters became deeper, and the plot pulled me in, I knew I was hooked. Ever since then I have found that without an anime I have an empty void in my life. Eventually I learned about the anime base and how much more I could watch. At first I was disappointed that I couldn't find anything but once I got into shows like Fairy Tail, A Certain Magical Index, and Gurren Lagann I have always believed that there was more for me out there to watch. I hope that by coming to this site I can find more amazing animes so that I can see more of the magical that these creators have made. Also, another thing is that I prefer English Dubbed animes.

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NatsuIgneel95 Jul 17, 2013

Hmm...anime similar to SAO...i think Btooom..well if you had watched Btooom already i recommend you to watch Accel World(the main character is really annoying),Hack series,Mirai Nikki,Guilty Crown

NatsuIgneel95 Jul 14, 2013 about Sword Art Online,Btooom,Eureka Seven,Eureka Seven AO

NatsuIgneel95 Jul 14, 2013

Welcome to A-P...hope you enjoy can ask me anything...i also watch Fairy Tail