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Peach Girl

Every once in a while, I'll take a break from my usual kind of anime and watch something different to break up the monotony. One of my girlfriends recommended Peach Girl to me as she likes to watch this kind of anime. What was not said was how much of a train wreck this whole thing turned into.

The story is: Momo Adachi is known as the school slut due to her tanned skin and bleached hair from being on the swim team. Momo likes Touji, a baseball player and all around popular guy. Kairi, a pervert/ladies' man, has his eyes on Momo. Sae, Momo's best friend, tries to steal everything from Momo, including Touji, to basically ruin her life and leave her with nothing. Now Momo is stuck with 2 guys and a decision to make.

I don't mind the story too much. There really is only so much you can expect with the subject of a love triangle. At first the story is not bad at all. A little cliche, but otherwise not bad to watch. Later on in the series, however, starts to fall apart. Most of it really has to do with the characters more than the story that's being told. The story throws in some strange things, but it works with the overall theme. Like I said, there is only so much you can expect out of high school drama and love trianlges.

The animation is very...bland is a decent word to describe it. There really isn't much going on here. Sure the opening and ending credit visuals are very colorful and flashy, but it doesn't support the animated tone of the actual episodes themselves. The animation wasn't very impressive. Plus in the opening credits, they portray Momo as a slut going between Touji and Kairi, when in reality, she is way far from being that. False hope/advertising.

The music is not very memorable. The voice overs sound atrocious and don't really add much to redeem the characters for whatever blandness they already don't have. Momo's voice in particular is nerve shattering. If you can survive the first couple episodes listening to her annoying voice including her thoughts, which are very one direction, then you are a champion of the ages.

The characters...where to start...let's start with Sae shall we? I have never hated a character so much in my life before I saw Sae. She is very unrelenting and cunniving in every shape, way, and form. It's really sad when you feel an actual hatred and rage building inside you for someone who only exists in a cartoon. But to be fair, out of the 4 main characters, Sae is the only one that shows even the slightest development. Kairi is a typical prevert and your typical ladies' man who is very outgoing with a sensitive side to him that shows nothing more than a boy who has problems and hides it by acting crazy. Touji is just a plain bore. No real emotion in either tone or movement. He is very stiff and frankly isn't that interesting as a character.

Now we come to Momo. What a disaster of a character! Even though she is the main character we follow around the whole anime, you will get sick of her within the first 5 episodes. At first she just seems like she wants to be with the one she loves, then it turns and she starts having second thoughts about it, and now she can't make up her mind. All her personality consists of is thinking about whether she should be with Touji or Kairi AND thinking about how in love she is with whoever she is with, then turns around and has doubts about her decision. (Women). Her talking isn't much different from her thoughts. I kind of feel bad for Touji and Kairi because they get jerked around A LOT in this show. I would've just said screw it, I don't want you anymore.

Overall this whole thing called Peach Girl was a train wreck. The whole anime thrives on keeping you in suspense to watch the next episode through using the absolute crap out of "wrong place, wrong time" moments. Whether it be a conversation Momo started listening in at the wrong time or if she saw something that was taken way out of context with no prior information to go on and just makes her own assumptions and it keeps the wheel of drama turning. Peach Girl isn't really the best love triangle drama to watch. It's more suited for a newbie to anime instead of a seasoned anime watcher.

4/10 story
5/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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