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Hi there, and thanks for dropping by my humble profile. For those of you who doesn't know me; I am the infamous bearded Norwegian that have stayed in the Anime Planet community since ... umm ... can it be september 2001? Or 2000? bah - I do not recall, and it doesn't really matter either.

I got caught up with anime back in the golden ages of the 80ies thanks to channels like Sky Channel and Super Channel (Pat Sharp og Fun Factory ftw!!). To be honest - I didn't even know that what I watched back then could be described as anime, but it was a darn good starting point. Next thing that happened was that I stumbled across drawings and comics that had a completely different visual and aestetic expression than what I was used to - and learned later on that also these were produced in Japan. But it was not really until the late 90ies I started to actually look for anime. Yes, I had beed picking some drawings and the odd episode from the net since -95, -96 - but the connections back then sucked, so who did bother having a download going on 24/7 for a week at a time? When you had to pay for every single minute you were using the connection? Well, not me.

Okay, but in case you wonder what I am doing when I am not watching anime; I am a system developer. Yep, that's it. How utterly boring and conventional. But I am actually having a lot fun doing research and development and being on and off selfemployed. My focus has been on communication tools in the widest sense of the word; publishing, eCommerce, mobile applications, SMS/MMS applications and so on. Oh yes, and then you'll find me working a lot with graphical design and banners as wel (a little known fact; I originally started out doing cell animations for local cabel TV and have made a lot ads for different companies over the years).

I have a bunch of interests - even if neither of them can be called hobbies; jogging, going for long walks in the nature, crawling around in the mountain, taking photos (mostly nature, I do not have access to "willing" human models - heh), sci-fi and fantasy books (I am t3h serious N3rD), and of course the usual stuff: listening to music. This latter point seems to confuse a bunch of people since my musical taste ranges over a very wide spectrum of genres; everything from classical to prog metal, new age to industrial, trance to goth pop and electronica to 80ies and 70ies and other kind of retro music. But the main point here is probably just that if the music contains some kind of harmonies that appeals to me, well - then I like it. Of course - favourite bands changes over the years (even if I still believe Electric Light Orchestra r00lz them all), but there are so many good bands out there that there always will be something new and exciting to check out. Hmm - I think the only genres I truly have trouble digesting are modern day r'n'b (old style soul and Motown are great though) and rap. Oh, and perhaps also emo stuff and modern jazz. Heh - I guess I am just not emo enough. I probably should cry a lot more and start wearing pink panties and dark eyeliners. But I'm going to stay away from those kind of things till then.

A lot more can of course be said, but I prefer to expand this description later on instead.

(And yes - I am still single, so come and get me while you still can.)

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XMrNiceguyX Apr 8, 2016

Hey there Flimmeren!

Yesterday night I noticed that you were on and missed you! This was mainly because I decided (for the first time in ages) to ignore the soundpromps I get when my nickname was referenced in chat. Naturally this wasn't your regular "mod, please ban this guy request" and now I feel like a fool for not getting up and see what was up...

So yeah, I actually haven't been here the full like 13 years since we last spoke, but have only returned a year orso ago in the chat (and anime in general). Mainly had to do with a divorce and me needing to find back some of my old passions. And this was the first place I could think of. Luckily I got a warm welcome and was very quickly re-appointed chatmoderater and am also doing some database work on the site. A busy bee.

Hope to not miss you next time in chat, it's been a long time, old hairy fellow :D


Amon Oct 31, 2015


i remembered the times on direct connect in the chat, and had to leave you a line. ^_^/

sothis Aug 3, 2009

happy bday beard man, come back and see us sometime :)

Ketsuron Aug 3, 2009

gratulerer med dagen

VivisQueen Aug 3, 2009