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Hi my name's Alex ...i love  movies,anime,mmorpgs(lineage 2:X),sports(football/basketball) and listening to music(usually rock but i sometimes listen to other kinds of music)...if you want to chit-chat about anything(anything at all ;)) my YH ID:[email protected]

Other animes i like:

-Great Teacher Onizuka

-Golden Boy

-Black Lagoon/Black Lagoon The Second Barrage



-Cowboy Bebop

-Black Cat

-Hellsing\Hellsing Ultimate(OVA)

-Samurai Champloo


-FullMetal Alchemist

-Full Metal Panic!/The Second Raid/Fumoffu?

and the other animes that are 4.5/5 stars rated on my list

Hm...something else,I like TV Series(non -anime) too:


Also I'm a very big fan of movies(all kinds of genres, from comedies like Wimbledon,It's Complicated,Road Trip to psychological movies like No Country For Old Men,Unforgiven and mindfuck movies like Ichi The Killer or Cannibal Holocaust) so if you wanna talk about movies or need any recommendations you can give me a message.

After a long break of watching animes( only the usual Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach) gonna start something new: Hajimme No Ippo and probably something else , just don't know the title yet.


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What?! No manga ratings?

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dgmikep Apr 14, 2012

Paste fericit !!!

 (\  /)

 (.   .)

c(") (")

dgmikep Jan 24, 2012

Imi incerc norocul: mai esti pe aici? :D

Keiiko Jan 11, 2010

Thanks you !! nOn

FaiFlourite Jul 16, 2009

Hello there. ^-^

How's it going?

kiki91 Jan 22, 2009

Hi to u to and thank u very much ^_^