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about me

Updated 23/8/2010

yo yo <3

wellllll as most of ppl know, im anime addicted also i love to make AMV's

my youtube account ^^ i have there some AMV'S


well i dont like to say my name xD so i wont tell here :p

i love to hang out, eat, sleep, annoy my friends, and some more

my fav color is red (i just love it)

and and no more to say xD

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July 19, 2010

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December 28, 2013

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Calamity2 avatar Calamity2


Nov 28, 2013

lmfao just another delayed response :P, always forget to use this site these days.

nice amount of anime you've watched there :P, i need to update what i've watched, must be double/tripple the current count listed 

DeDaan avatar DeDaan


Jan 4, 2013

np ;)

Happy new year and the best wishes to you to !!

How are you doing by the way ??

AkaiIka13 avatar AkaiIka13


Dec 18, 2012

Red is also my fav color and I also love to annoy my friends.

By the way cool AMV´s XD

And by thelooks of your top animes I can deduce that like to watch blood flowing out of people´s bodies... cool! XD

Calamity2 avatar Calamity2


Jun 30, 2012

Hello to you aswell :P(latest reply ever lol)

DeDaan avatar DeDaan


Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year and the best wishes

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