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21 JUL

19 July 2011

I cried at school today, all because I supposedly 'ditched' my original fieldtrip partne and replaced her with my other friend. I honestly can't take anyone being angry at me, so yeah.

20 July 2011

Woke up at 3 am in the morning, cause it was postend on out FB group. After some preparations I was on my way to my school. The bus trip was unusually boring since, in my previous experience our lakbay educators were funnier, and had served as good entertainment, throwing the corniest jokes around. We arrived at Liliw in Laguna and visited a church there. While inside, the atmosphere was quitre choking because there was no air ventilation at all. Well, after making my 3 wishes there, we were given an hour to go around and shop for the provinces' famous tsinelas! There was so many to choose from! If only I could've bought all of the stores! Unfortunately I only bought 1 pair that costs P220. It was cheap, and I was glad to have bought! Our next destination was now the Majayjay Falls! I guess that it was the highlight of the fieldtrip. Trekking our way through, it was nice to see how clear and fresh the water and the air was. On the way we even saw a tiny crab!...Anyway, it was unbelievable how cold the water was when we swam in it. it felt like you were dipping in water refrigerated from the freezer :)) I was huddled in a group of 5 classmates and we conquered the falls itself! We went through and pass it, and for a moment I thought that I'd drown, etc. but nevertheless, harm did not come our way and we were safe. After dressing up and fixing ourseleves we went straight back to the school with 1 stop-over to buy pasalubong....


21 July 2011

During GIFT class my classmates and I discuused the many arising issues in our batch, it's ver disappointing.

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