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Okey, here i go. Its 6 o'clock in the morning in good old germany where i live and basically i watched the whole night anime again...

First things first:

My ratings:

0.5: Watched most likely cause a friend of mine recomandet it but it turned out that i didnt liked this one... absolutly...

1.0: The Anime was bad. Nuff said.

1.5: Same like 1.0 but this time there was an interresting idea for the anime (which never worked out thought...)

2.0: Not so bad cause of one chara or a funny moment

2.5: A bit better then 2.0 but still not the real thing.

3.0: Now we get closer. From here on i consider the anime as "worth watching" and would recomand them to some peolpe who maybe can get to like it.

3.5: Not bad, got a good/interresting/funny/unusuall story. The charas are fitting in. All in all there is still work to do but ive seen much worse.

4.0: Nice anime. I liked the story and some of the charas, the ending matched the anime (if this is a abd or good thing is up to the story ^^)

4.5: Very nice. I dont have much to complain. The charas where all fitting in and some even get some sort of nice background. The story itself was interresting and the ending where relly good.

5.0: One of my all time favourites. I rewatch some of them from time to time just because i think they are worth remembering.

My marks:

Watched = I watched this anime. (You dont say?!)

Watching = I'm watching it right now. (...)

Want to watch = Yeah... you know...

Stalled = Gonna watch this maybe if my "want to watch list" is clear

Dropped = F*** this s***, i'm going home!

Wont watch = How about no?

And now about me:

I started watching anime cause of my cousin. Some day he said something like "Hey, do you now this movie?" and showed a dvd. It was... dunno. I forgot :D Yes, im sorry, i forgot was my first anime ever was. But then i startet to watch anime out of my owen. Dragonball, Ranma 1/2, Pokeman, Digimon and so on. This and some others where in freeTV here in germany.

My hobbies? Well, some sport but most likely i play games and watch anime :D

Right now i study computer science. Okey... i think this is it. If some of you got a question just ask me.

Yes my english isnt that great but im givin my best here :D

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