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I'm one of those lazy people who just watches anime and plays games (when I'm not working -.-)

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Raspppberyl Apr 1, 2015

I throw refridgerator at you now yes? :)

m30wnu Feb 8, 2011

Well the *Only* anime I've ever rewatched was Angel Beats! because it's just so sad at the ending, but was also a great way to end things. I wish season 1 was longer though. Good thing they're making a season 2. ♥ And I'm currently watching the popular animes like Bleach and Naruto Ship. I also watch the some of the new winter animes.

m30wnu Feb 7, 2011

Haha. xD I know I watch a lot. That's because I started watching anime almost literally everyday 24/7 every since I was 9.

I don't really have any recs because I watch soooooo much anime that some animes actually start to fade away from my memory.

I scrolled all the way to O animes I think? I actually looked through every single anime and chose my option, that's why I have so much things listed. xP

As for MMORPGS.... I didn't really get into them either. I always quit sooner or later.

m30wnu Jan 23, 2011

Lol... Hello! I saw that you commented on my profile, so I commented back! :D

I never thought of another meaning for MMORPG except for it's real meaning and that's so true. xD That's why I hate MMORPGs.

kyuuketsukii Sep 30, 2010

If you like normal RPGs its hard to see why you couldnt get in to a MMORPG, which ones have you tried playing?

The Persona 3&4 are awesome, seriously addictive, the older ones arnt that good though, P3 just came out on PSP so I can't wait to get that next week.

PS2 is my favourite console for RPG's all the best I know are on PS2 and PS1. only good one I know that's not is Tales of Vesperia on 360