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I love anime (obviously). Other than that, i'm not really all that interesting.

I like to read, though it's not usually manga,  and I like to write, which is usually based off ideas from an anime.... Hahaha.

I like dubbed anime the best, Japanese voicing is a bit odd to me Hahaha. I will (and have) watched subbed anime though, it just has to be a bit more interesting to hold my attention.

I will watch any anime once, except for one, HUGE exception: Dragon Ball Z. I hate it, and anything you can say won't sway me in that resolve. I won't hate on anyone that likes it, i'm not that kind of person, so no worries.

I read a lot, and some of my favorite books aren't anime Haha. (shocking to me that's for sure) These books include (but are SO NOT limited to) Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Vladmir Tod, Artemis Fowl, The Keys to the Kingdom, and Animorphs. Yes, The Twilight Saga is on my list somewhere, but I am not interested in discussing how hot -gags- Robert Pattinson is. Sorry. (sides, we're here for ANIME!! ^_^)

I think that's enough, don't you? If you DO want to know more, then....... you're a stalker. Hahaha just kidding. ^_^

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airbornefilip May 10, 2012

Konnichiwa :) How are you?

Saw that you REALLY dislike Dragon Ball so I was interested why? I'm not trying to sway you nor anything like that, was just curious. I like DB because it was my first anime I watched, when I was 5. DB, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

P.S. Now you have two posts on your profile page :D

Firyali Oct 1, 2010

To make myself feel loved, i'm posting this lol..... ^_^