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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Oct 5, 2009

Originally posted on the forums on January 5th 2008.

I watched Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (KGNE) in one sitting today, and I must say that I'm stunned... After like 10 episodes, I wanted to punch each main character in the face for blatant stupidity, especially Takayuki. But then I understood where they were going with the story, and I just LOVED the ending. It's seriously one of the best ending I've ever seen... Yeah.... I'm a dude and I almost cried (k, maybe I did just a bit). Call me a sissy all you want :D

KGNE isn't as depressing as some might say, I would say it's "frustrating" to watch because you seriously get angry at the characters sometimes. Actually, this might be the best aspect of this show; watching this, you go through a lot of really intense feelings, laughter, hate, sadness, compassion.

I developed a strong taste for the series which take place during several years, in various stages of the life of the characters. I can relate more easily to characters of those series since they become a bit older, maybe it's just me :p

Another pro:

- Well, it's a pure Romance/drama series, there's nothing else to it, but it's a damn good love story.

** Those who loved Saikano (like me) will most likely love this one also. The settings are totally different, but you go through the same feelings watching those two series.


- Some might find the tone of the show overly dramatic at times.

- Not really a con, but I didn't really like the scenes with Ayu and Mayu. I know they were there to serve as comic-reliefs, but it just felt like they were out of place.


This series eventually became my all-time favourite. Not because it was "a brilliant show", but because of how it moved me in so many ways. An heart-wrenching love story that some will love, and others will hate.

Oh and as you can probably guess by my avatar, I've had a massive e-crush on Mitsuki since that day. =)

?/10 story
?/10 animation
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10/10 overall
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thereviewer58 Mar 20, 2011

can i ask you how it ended?

ThePatches Oct 5, 2009

I feel that when you are shouting at the characters, something is going right.

sothis Oct 5, 2009

i too hated bakayuki :p awesome series tho.